Welcome to my Harry Potter Collection.

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This is fan art only - I am not affiliated with Harry Potter

My Harry Potter-inspired pages are organized by category. You can find a post full of coloring pages about each of the Hogwarts Houses, a post with miscellaneous Hogwarts things to color (including a page with Hogwarts Express).

There are #’s coloring sheets, one pages each for #’s 1-10 with Wizarding world items to count and color on each page.

I had a particularly fun time making the Harry Potter coloring sheets with Christmas themes because Christmas makes an appearance in each of the books and I love to imagine a Hogwarts Christmas.

You’ll find pages about Quidditch and pages with quotes and pages with wands - I’ll be adding a lot more as we go because I don’t seem to run out of ideas about Harry Potter pages to make. Plus I’m always improving my doodling skills, and pretty soon I will definitely hit an even longer list pages inspired by my favorite wizards.

Colored Harry Potter Pages

Here are some examples of colored pages for this collection of Harry pages. You can click on any of the images to visit the post where you can print that particular sheet and color it for yourself.

Also, if you color a page from my Harry Potter coloring collection and you think you’ve taken a great picture of the page - please send it my way. I’d love to feature some pages colored by someone who isn’t me!

From Dumbledore quotes, colored by Stevie

From my Harry Potter names pages, colored by Stevie

A niftier from the Hogwarts pages, colored by Stevie

From the Ravenclaw collection, colored by Stevie

Sorting Hat from the Hogwarts pages, colored by Stevie

Hedwig, from the Hogwarts pages, colored by Stevie

From my Harry Potter names pages, colored by Stevie

From the Hogwarts pages, colored by Stevie

From the Gryffindor pages, colored by Stevie

If you haven’t found your favorite Harry Potter coloring printable here on this page, please send me a message because I’d be happy to add your request to my list (if it’s not already there!)

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