Free Niffler Coloring Page

This is probably one of my very favorite pages to print and color.

I hope you love it! This funny little printable Niffler coloring page is inspired by Harry Potter - especially as portrayed in the Fantastic Beasts movies. I filled him up with jewels.

These are just my personal fan art that I share with you here on my free coloring site. You’ll find 1000+ free coloring pages in all different categories here - I hope you will look around and find just the pages you will love!

Niffler - a free printable coloring sheet inspired by Harry Potter

The Niffler was a magical beast with a long snout and a coat of black, fluffy fur.[1] They were attracted to shiny things, which made them wonderful for locating treasure, but that also meant that they could wreak havoc if kept (or set loose) indoors.[1] Nifflers in general are usually harmless.

Students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry learnt about Nifflers in Care of Magical Creatures class, an elective that could be chosen in the third year of their education.

Nifflers were assigned to Curse-Breakers by the Gringotts Head Goblin to burrow underground in search of treasures hidden in cursedsites. READ MORE ABOUT THE NIFFLER AT HARRY POTTER FANDOM

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