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Are you looking for a fun and interactive way to strengthen your faith and dive deeper into the Scriptures? Welcome to Stevie Doodles Christian coloring pages!

Our faith coloring pages are designed to be more than just a way to pass the time. They are thoughtfully created with inspiring Bible verses and uplifting messages that will encourage you in your spiritual journey. The act of coloring itself is also known to have relaxation benefits, providing the perfect opportunity for quiet reflection and connection with God.

Our collection of faith coloring pages is diverse, offering a variety of styles and themes to suit all preferences. From intricate zentangle designs to whimsical illustrations, each page is uniquely crafted to bring joy and inspiration to your life.

Stevie Doodles coloring pages are also perfect for sharing with friends and family. Give the gift of faith and creativity as a way to connect with loved ones and spread positivity.

And better yet - they’re all free! Choose Stevie Doodles coloring pages and start coloring your way to a strengthened faith today.

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New Testament

Free Christian coloring pages with scriptures from the New Testament

I created a post for every single book in the New Testament! Most of the posts started with 10 pages and I’ll be adding to these as I make more pages. I hope these help you with your bible studies!

The New Testament is the second part of the Christian Bible, and it contains 27 books that describe the life, teachings, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. These books include four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John), which describe the life and teachings of Jesus, as well as letters or epistles from various apostles and early Christian leaders. The New Testament emphasizes the importance of faith, love, and grace, and it teaches that Jesus' death and resurrection offer salvation and eternal life to all who believe. For Christians, the New Testament represents a foundational text that provides guidance, comfort, and inspiration for their lives and faith.

Old Testament

Free Christian coloring pages with scriptures from the old testament

The Old Testament is a collection of sacred writings and scriptures that form the basis of the Jewish faith and the backbone of Christian belief. It consists of 39 books and covers a wide range of topics, including history, law, prophecy, and poetry. In it, readers are introduced to important figures such as Abraham, Moses, and King David. The Old Testament is revered for its teachings on morality, ethics, and spirituality, and its tales of faith and devotion that inspire individuals to lead good lives. It also provides valuable insights into the nature of God and has played a vital role in shaping the beliefs and traditions of millions of people around the world.

Psalm Collection - a page for every psalm

I have a page for every single psalm - psalms are amazing for meditating on, so I wanted to make sure I had a special page for every single one. They are organized into 15 different posts. Each post has 10 Psalms coloring pages.

The Psalms are a collection of 150 poetic hymns and prayers that are a central part of the Hebrew Bible and Christian Old Testament. They were written by various authors, including David, Moses, and Solomon, and cover a range of topics including God’s power, mercy, and justice, as well as the struggles and triumphs of the human experience. The Psalms are beloved for their emotional depth and beautiful language, and are often used in worship and reflection. They offer a timeless insight into the human relationship with God, and continue to inspire and comfort people of all faiths today.

Verses by Topic

Free Christian coloring sheets with bible verses organized by topic. Click on the image of the topic you’d love to explore and be transported to that page to explore and instantly print these free Christian printables

Quotes by Author

This section has coloring pages with Christian quotes organized by author. Every time I add more posts with a collection of quotes from an author they will appear right here. Don’t forget to bookmark this page to keep coming back for all of your Christian coloring page

Based on Books

The pages in the posts below are inspired by Christian books. As I add more posts based on Christian books, they will appear right here. I hope you love at least a few of my free Christian coloring sheets based on books.

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One Word Coloring Pages

Here are some of my one-word coloring pages that I thought belonged in my Christian section. You can also get any name or word in multiple styles from my shop! One day digital delivery on custom names and words

Christian kids coloring pages

These pages are Christian coloring pages especially great for kids! I think grown-ups will love these too, I mean, I certainly to love them and have colored most of them myself. But I figured I needed a kids section so here is where you’ll find all the Christian printable coloring sheets I make that I think kids will love