I’ve sorted my animal coloring pages into sections below, give a little scroll and find the perfect animal sheet for your needs. These are all totally free to print and color. I hope you’ll save this page and give it a visit for all of your animal coloring page needs ;) Sign up for my email list for access to even more free pages in my Free Resource Library and updates from Stevie Doodles.

Sea Animal Coloring Pages

Pets - Animal Coloring Pages

Farm Animal Coloring Pages

Below are pages with animals you’ll find on the farm! Watching a documentary about farms, or learning about animals and how to care for them? Include these free pages from my collection in your activities. Click on the animal you love below and find a post will all of my pages for that animal.

Asian Animal Coloring Pages

Simple Animal Coloring Pages

Below are all of my animal pages tagged “simple". Thee printable animal coloring pages are all free and excellent for kids but I’ve enjoyed coloring many of these animal sheets myself and I’m pretty old ;)

Click on any of the images to visit the download page for the animal page in that image.

Stream & Color With Animals

I have a growing section of “Stream & Color” pages. The idea is that you might, like me, enjoy putting on a show and coloring with the background noise. OR you might like to throw on a documentary or three or maybe just stream documentaries all day with some of these free coloring pages to go along with the shows. Listen, learn, color - sounds like pretty much the best day ever to me!

Educational Animal Facts

Hedgehogs & Llamas & Penguins Oh My!

Below you’ll find my hedgehog animal pages, llama pages, and penguin pages. These animal coloring sheets are each totally free to print and color from Stevie Doodles! Find the page you want and click the image to visit the download page for that animal coloring sheet. If you don’t see your favorite animal here in these free pages, keep scrolling! There are many many more animal coloring sheets to be found below. I think these are great for kids as well as adults, but I’ll leave that up to you. No age limits though for sure.

You might also love some of my free unicorn pages

Are penguins your favorite animal? They are my son’s favorite and I have TONS of penguin pages all free to print and color - find them at this free penguin pages post here


Animals With Wings


Below are the Stevie Doodles free animal pages tagged “dogs” and “cats” - I hope you find the animal sheets you’ll love and if not please come back often to see what’s new. I’m always adding new animal coloring pages here in my collection.


The pages below are my free animal coloring pages tagged “birds” or “bees".” To print the animal colorable sheet you need, just click the image. That will take you to the download page for that animal sheet.


This animal numbers pages post here has 10 animal pages, one page for each number 1-10.

Miscellaneous Animal Coloring Pages

Here are some of my pages tagged “miscellaneous” in the free animal coloring section. I hope you’ve found the animal sheet you’d love to color! There are giraffes and koalas and a hippo and a dragonfly below + a post with 17 different animal pages, some with jokes!