Free Otter Coloring Pages

These 6 free otter coloring pages are free to print and color from Stevie Doodles. I hope you find an otter to love in my collection.

Otters are pretty darn cute, so I don’t blame you one bit for wanting to color an otter or two. I promise to add more otter drawings to this page as soon as I have a chance to make them!

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In my free Animal coloring page section

a collage of otter coloring pages

Cute otter coloring sheet

6 little otters on this page. Use the button below the image to print and color.

Free cute otter coloring sheets from Stevie Doodles
simple otter wearing a bow tie coloring page

Simple otter coloring page with a joke about glasses

“Did you see my new glasses? Now I’m a ‘see’ otter.”

otter pun coloring page

Simple coloring page with an otter pun

“I got caught stealing a car and charged with grand theft otter.”

simple otter coloring page with otter joke

Cute otter coloring page with a pun

“You think I’m cute? Awww . . . get otter here.”

Free printable otter coloring pages from Stevie Doodles

And another otter pun

“I’ll pick you up at 6 in my Furrari”

otter coloring page with one otter and one otter pun

Otter pun on a simple cute otter coloring page

“Why did I join NASA? I wanted to go to otter space”

Free otter printable coloring pages from Stevie Doodles

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