Free Refugee Quote Coloring Pages

Refugee Quote Coloring Page

collage of refugee coloring pages on a dark teal background

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Free Peace Coloring Pages

Peace Coloring Pages

Hello friends and welcome to my post about peace. I am a big fan of peace. After freedom, I think it’s the next biggest lens I use to make decisions in my life (with my faith being the foundation of course.)

Given the choice between peace and almost anything else, peace wins every time. Expect more quotes and other pages about peace here on this post at Stevie Doodles!

collage of peace coloring pages on a lilac background

Peace Coloring Page With Hot Cocoa

a peace coloring page with hot cocoa and chocolate bar and cacao beans

Peace Coloring Page Classic Style

peace coloring page with bubble letters full of doodles to color

Peace Coloring Page Flower Style

peace coloring page with bubble letters full of flowers to color

Peace Coloring Page With Flowers

peace coloring page with peace in bubble letters and long stemmed flowers to color

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Free "Light Of The World" Coloring Page

Light of the World

Matthew 5:14 coloring page for kids “You are the light of the world”

Use the button below to print this light of the world page totally free.

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I have 1000’s of free coloring pages here at Stevie Doodles, so I hope you’ll look around to find some favorites and I extra hope you’ll come back any time you need a coloring page.

I know how often we find ourselves in a coloring page emergency - so many times we think “Oh no! I need to color and I don’t have a single page. The horror!”

That’s why I made this site. I wanted to make sure no-one with a printer and paper ever has a coloring page emergency without a solution. Remember Stevie Doodles in your next coloring emergency!


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