Free Octopus Coloring Pages For Kids

At the top, you’ll find a few pages for little hands who love those octopi. I am excited to color this one. I think it will be fun to add some little things inside the octopus - maybe some circles or hearts. Encourage your little to draw something fun inside of their Octopi!

My octopus coloring pages are great for preschoolers and you can find even more free pages for little and big kids in my KIDS section

an octopus coloring page full of doodles to color, above a more simple page with two octopus outlines

A Simple Octopus Color Page

So many fun little octupus coloring pages for you to love, starting with this simple page kids will love

A colored octopus coloring page - a simple octopus drawing with spots inside, colored green with orange and magenta spots

After you’ve snagged the Octopus page, scroll down to find more Octopi pages. I hope you love these pages and keep coming back to Stevie Doodles when you need coloring sheets. Share LINKS with your friends!


Octopus Facts Coloring Sheet

Octopus facts! A free printable octopus coloring page with octopus facts from Stevie. These facts came from Toucan Box’s Octopus entry

An octopus coloring page sits on a pink background, the page has colorable octopuses and fish and little boxes filled with text about octopus facts

Octopuses swim really fast and can be really enormous and can built houses with doors and are basically magicians! Print and color this octopus coloring page with octopus facts. I hope you love this page


Octopus Legs With Flower Zentangles


Octopus Jokes Coloring Pages

A page full of funny little octopus jokes for kids - free printable octopus coloring sheet with some fun and silly octopus jokes not the page. Read the jokes, color the page, and enjoy some octopus love!

little simple octopus drawings to color, little simple squid drawings to color, and circles with text of octopus jokes

O is for “Octopus”

Oliver Omari dropped his oar into the ocean and then fell out after it into the outstretched arms of an octopus named Octavia

This O is for Octopus page is from my SIMPLE LETTERS COLORING BOOK! That book is free in my Subscriber only library. You can get the O is for Octopus page with the button below.

Join my subscribers to get the whole dang book.


2 Little Octopi

This simple octopus coloring sheet has two octopi. When you’re done coloring 1 octopus you can color 2 octopi and laugh and laugh at how silly English is!

2 simple octopus drawings, empty inside, with big eyes and the colorable word "octopi" beneath the drawings

Thank you for coming by Stevie Doodles! Is this not the page you’re looking for?

Find even more free animal coloring pages here or keep scrolling for more free octopus coloring sheets


Christmas Octopus

Free! this coloring page octopus for kids is from my Christmas book for kids - you can print this one totally free! You can also snag the whole book (link below) which is one way to support my work here at Stevie Doodles.

a coloring page with a light green background, a simple octopus wears a christmas hat and has a sting of colorable christmas lights above and below the octopus

I have 1000’s of free pages but I also have some digital books available for purchase See my digital books, including my Christmas Animal Book Here


4 Octopi

Count 4 octopi in this free coloring page octopus!

This page is part of my post with 10 FREE ANIMAL NUMBERS PAGES

a colored coloring page with 4 simple octopuses, one green, one  orange, one magenta, one blue

Adult Coloring Octopus

This fun and free octopus coloring page was hand drawn by Stevie and is so fun to color. Please enjoy this one - if you have young kids, these can be fun to color together if you can leave perfectionism at the door. I hope you love all of my pages - if octopus is not the animal you’re looking for, please visit my ANIMALS section to find more free animal coloring pages

An octopus drawing with complicated doodles inside for a great octopus adult coloring page

I love to color with movies and shows on in the background - you might love to check out some of the fun octopus related documentaries on Curiosity Stream and watch while you work on your coloring pages of octopus!

I’m not sponsored by them or anything, I just love the service! PICK AN OCTOPUS DOCUMENTARY TO WATCH!

OR read some more about Octopi at Nat Geo


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Free Boat Coloring Pages

If you are looking for boat color pages, I hope you’ll find a bunch to love here at Stevie Doodles.

I’ll add more here to this post as I make more coloring. You can find more vehicle coloring pages in my section for free kids coloring pages

Use the button below each image to print the boat to color.

Boats are the gateway to endless adventures, gliding across the open water with a sense of freedom that can't be replicated on land.
I love boats and some of my best memories are on a boat in the Puget Sound with my grandpa, fishing for salmon.


Car coloring pages
Train coloring pages
Trucks coloring pages

collage of boat coloring pages on a blue background

Boat Coloring Page Full of Mini Boats

The first boats were primitive vessels made from hollowed-out logs or bound reeds, used by ancient civilizations as early as 10,000 BCE. These basic boats served as essential tools for transportation and fishing, paving the way for the development of more complex seafaring vessels in later centuries.

This page has all different kinds of boats, super tiny.

Use this page however you’d like, but I made it thinking it might be fun to print it on sticker paper and cut out after coloring so you can stick your personalized little boats all over the place!

I hope you love this bunch of tiny boats!

a boat coloring page with a bunch of tiny images of boats to color

Boat Coloring Page For Adults

Or course kids can enjoy this one too, just as adults can enjoy any of my pages labeled for kids. I certainly enjoy the kid ones, despite being a middle-aged woman ;)

This one I drew quite some time ago for a poster and I have to say I do love it on a long page. It’s still very fun at this size with lots of little “under the sea” themed things on the boat and plenty of doodles to make your own on the sails.

a sailboat coloring page for adults

Simple Boat Coloring Page

I don’t honestly know what kind of boat this is - I just sort of drew it and thought it looked like fun to color. I hope you have fun coloring it, even if we don’t quite know what kind of boat it is exactly.

Use the button below the image to print!

a boat coloring page with one simple tugboat

Simple Sailboat Coloring Page

This is definitely a sailboat. I would love to sail, but I don’t trust myself with that much responsibility. Cars are difficult for me. But I would definitely make an excellent passenger if anyone’s in the market for one.

I don’t think this little boat will fit extras - it’s the simplest sail boat to color for kids and grown up kids alike.

a simple sailboat coloring page

Speedboat Coloring Page With Summer Elements

speed boat coloring page with sun and palm trees and surfboards

Boat Coloring Page With Round Windows

boat coloring page with big boat drawn simply and colorable text "b is for boat"

8 Boat Coloring Page

8 different boats drawn on this boat coloring page, text reads "8 boats"

Rainbow & Boat Coloring Page

boat coloring page with simple sailboat and rainbow background
a simple sailboat on water doodles with lighthouse and sun in the background, all colorable

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