Free Christmas Preschool Coloring Pages

Number practice for kids

These pages are great for little hands! Count the items and color. I hope so many kids love and enjoy these free printable Christmas coloring pages. Please share (link not PDFs) with your preschool and kindergarten teacher friends and anyone who loves to color!

Explore my site for more free pages. I have over 1000 free coloring pages here at Stevie Doodles and I’m adding more all of the time.


free Christmas coloring pages

Numbers coloring pages

Educational coloring pages

One page for each number 1-10 with corresponding Christmas object to color. Great for a Preschool or Kindergarten activity! Scroll down to find the page(s) you’d love.

One Christmas Tree

This page has ONE Christmas tree to color. Print and color this page and the others as much as you’d like. I hope you are able to use my pages in your class or at home and I hope you and your kids love coloring these pages as much as I loved making them. Find me on social media and let me know how you are using my pages!


TWO Ice Skates

This page has two ice skates to count. These pages are great for practicing numbers 1-10 in the Winter season. I hope you love the Christmas themed numbers pages.



Print the 3 snowmen page above

See all of my free snowmen coloring pages

My Christmas Animals book is 21 pages of simple images to color - print these as much as you’d love - $9.99 on Etsy


4 Christmas Wreaths

This page has four Christmas wreaths to count and color for practicing with the number four during the Christmas season


5 Christmas Hats

Five different Santa hats to count and color for practicing the number five during the Christmas season


Six Christmas Ornaments

This free Christmas numbers page has six Christmas ornaments to count and color.


7 Christmas Cookies

This page has 7 Christmas cookies to count and color. Print this page as many times as you’d like - print a copy for your whole class! But please do not pass around my pdfs - you can send links to all your people. I’ve made them so easy to print straight from my site. I want to keep my pages clean for you (without my name or website marking up the page) and I can do that because you share links and do not pass around my digital pages. Thank you for supporting my work here at Stevie Doodles!


8 Christmas Stockings

These eight Christmas stockings are on a simple coloring page with 8 stockings to count and color. Each stocking has a name of a reindeer from the Rudolph story. This is a great one to really make your own! add designs to the stockings, sing the song “You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen . . .”


9 Christmas Stocking Caps

This page has Christmas hats! I love this little page with all of it’s adorable hats. 9 hats to count and color for your numbers practice during the Christmas season. I can’t wait to hear about how you’re using my pages and I especially can’t wait to see how you have colored these 9 hats pages. Please share and tag me on socials!


10 Christmas Gifts

This page is my favorite of this post. I love presents and it’s so fun to color each gift and imagine what’s inside. If you’re coloring with your kids - ask them what they think is inside the presents! This page has 10 Christmas gifts to count and color. Cannot wait to see how you guys color this one.

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