I Hate Coriander Coloring Page

I Hate Coriander

Did you know there’s a special day for hating coriander? “I hate coriander” day is on February 24th and for those of you who feel very strongly about this spice and want to celebrate the day - I made you a special coloring page.

International I Hate Coriander Day originated in 2013, with the inception of a Facebook group entitled simply ‘I Hate Coriander.’ The sole purpose of creating the group was so that like-minded people could get together and express their utter disdain for the herb through messages and posts of all sorts. And before you laugh it off as an insignificant group, note that the number of members on it has risen to a following of more than 200,000. read more about I hate coriander day

CLICK HERE to print and color the I hate coriander page above