Free Hot Cocoa Coloring Pages

Hot Cocoa

These are my hot cocoa coloring pages and I think you’ll love them.

Maybe print out a few and mix up this fancy hot cocoa recipe to sip while you color.

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collage of 3 hot cocoa coloring pages

Gourmet Cocoa Page

2 cups of hot cocoa to color, surrounded by cinnamon sticks, cherries, chocolate bar, cocoa beans

Bunch of Cocoa Cups

5 hot cocoa cups to color

Hot Cocoa Cup 1

hot cocoa cup with marshmallows and candy cane inside, strawberries and cherries on the cup, colorable word "hot cocoa"

Hot Cocoa Cup 2

hot cocoa with whipped cream and cinnamon sticks to color, cup has bar of chocolate and cinnamon sticks, colorable "hot cocoa" underneath

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