IRIS- A Free Iris Coloring Page

When I hear "Iris," I think of flowers, of blooming, of Spring -

especially now, with the bitter Winter winds keeping the blooms,

and me,

tucked away waiting until it's safe to come out and taste the Spring air, but-

Iris also makes me think of eyes. Did you know the iris controls the amount of light that reaches the retna? And it's the iris that determines the color of the eye.

If you are Iris I have these wishes for you:

That you would bloom bright and beautiful, even in the bitter Winter.

That you would let as much light in as possible, wherever you are and whatever you're doing - let light in.

And that you would remember you determine the color of your life - with the choice you make (like how much light you let in) and the places you go and the words you speak - you determine the color of your life.

- Words by Stevie

Please enjoy this free IRIS coloring page, Classic style. You can find more free pages here on Stevie Doodles!

Free IRIS  page

Free IRIS page

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