13 Free Earth Day Coloring Pages

Earth Day

April 22 is earth day!

And I have 13 free pages in this post + some others you might love. The button to print each page is just below the page image.

I hope you love these pages so much and enjoy using them in your Earth Day activities and throughout the year.

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In 1969 at a UNESCO Conference in San Francisco, peace activist John McConnell proposed a day to honor the Earth and the concept of peace, to first be observed on March 21, 1970, the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere. This day of nature's equipoise was later sanctioned in a proclamation written by McConnell and signed by Secretary General U Thant at the United Nations. A month later a United States Senator Gaylord Nelson proposed the idea to hold a nationwide environmental teach-in on April 22, 1970. He hired a young activist, Denis Hayes, to be the National Coordinator. Nelson and Hayes renamed the event "Earth Day". Denis and his staff grew the event beyond the original idea for a teach-in to include the entire United States. More than 20 million people poured out on the streets, and the first Earth Day remains the largest single day protest in human history. Key non-environmentally focused partners played major roles. Under the leadership of labor leader Walter Reuther, for example, the United Auto Workers was the most instrumental outside financial and operational supporter of the first Earth Day.[3][4][5] According to Hayes, "Without the UAW, the first Earth Day would have likely flopped!"[6] Nelson was later awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedomaward in recognition of his work.[7] MORE FROM THE EARTH DAY WIKIPEDIA ENTRY

Scroll on down to grab one or all of these 13 Earth Day sheets to print and color!


Planet Facts - Find coloring pages with planet facts, including an Earth facts page!

Welcome to Earth - Stream & color the Disney+ docuseries “Welcome to Earth.” I made a page for each episode as you watch


Save The Bees, Save the Earth


Earth Outline With Doodles

This one is so fun! I’m right now trying to decide whether I want to color this one, with the doodles, or the one below, with the flowers. Either way I’m excited!

And I’m excited to see how you color this page too. Please let me know on socials when you share!


Earth Outline With Flowers

This one is similar to the one above, but with flowers instead of doodles.


Thank you, Earth for so many adventures

I love going to new places and seeing new things and meeting new people. Just this last weekend I went on a very short adventure and met a whole bunch of new people. Even though I’m definitely an introvert and needed a lot of recovery time - it was a blast.


Thank you, Earth (Classic-Style Stevie Doodles)

Print the Earth Day coloring sheet above

This page has “Earth” in my Classic-Style. You can get any name or word in this style with 1-day digital delivery - get those right here on Etsy.


Thank you, Earth (Flower-Style Coloring Page)


Thank you, Earth for teaching us rhythms


Earth Day Activity - Color The Critters

Earth day free coloring page with animals from Stevie Doodles

Wendell Berry Quote

“The earth is what we all have in common.”

“The earth is what we all have in common” - Wendell Berry, free Earth Day coloring sheet from Stevie Doodles

“The earth is what we all have in common.” - Wendell Berry
It’s true as long as we leave out aliens, and everyone always does leave out aliens, don’t they? Poor aliens. (But this post is for earthlings! Get free alien coloring pages here)

Free Earth Day Coloring Sheet with a globe from Stevie Doodles
time spent among earth day quote stevie.jpg

Print the trees Earth Day color sheet above

And at the ocean, and the lake, and relaxing by a waterfall or taking walks - all that stuff is so good! Go do some of that on Earth Day. And also color some awesome Earth Day pages. I’d tell you where to get hem, but you’re already here so that seems silly.

tolstoy quote globe earth day .jpg

Print the Earth Day color printable above

“One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man and nature shall not be broken.” - Leo Tolstoy

I don’t know why, but this quote makes me take a deep breath and also makes me want to go take a walk and really enjoy everything along the way. Hope you enjoy this page and then later enjoy some nature ;) Or color outside and enjoy both at the same time!

earth day tree free coloring stevie doodles.jpg


Planet Facts - Find coloring pages with planet facts, including an Earth facts page!

Welcome to Earth - Stream & color the Disney+ docuseries “Welcome to Earth.” I made a page for each episode as you watch

You might also love my Earth Day Stream & Color pages - these are free pages inspired by Curiosity Stream documentaries. Find links to watch each show that inspired the pages right there in the posts. Enjoy!

Welcome To Earth - Stream & Color - Disney+ Docuseries Free Coloring Pages

Welcome to Earth

Have you seen this docuseries on Disney+? I just watched it and loved it. There are six episodes and I thought it would be a fun one to use as a class activity for those of you who have classrooms. My 11 yo enjoyed some of the episodes with me.

I’m thinking late elementary and middle school kids would be the best ages for this series.

I made a page for each episode with some related little drawings to color while you watch (for those of you who hear “color and watch” and your brain explodes a little, please keep an open mind because the neurodivergent among your students might love this option and it might help them pay attention!)

Each page has a related question you can use as a discussion question :D

Scroll down to print and color the Welcome To Earth coloring pages



Episode 1

n a remote island in the Pacific, Will Smith descends into the heart of an active volcano to investigate sounds beyond human hearing. Will discovers that everything on our planet creates its own unique sound-even if we can't always hear it.

CLICK HERE to print and color the “Welcome to Earth” Episode 1 printable coloring page


Episode 2

Will Smith meets up with marine biologist, Dr Diva Amon, and descends 3300 feet down into the ocean to explore a hidden world of colour in the dark.

CLICK HERE to print and color the “Welcome to Earth” Episode 2 printable coloring page


Episode 3

Thirty years ago, Will Smith was mesmerized by a photo of the incredible wildebeest migration across the Serengeti in a National Geographic magazine. Now he visits those same wildebeests and discovers an amazing survival strategy.

CLICK HERE to print and color the “Welcome to Earth” Episode 3 printable coloring page


Episode 4

On the trail of tiger sharks in the Pacific, Will explores the power of smell. For humans, the sense of smell triggers deep memories and emotions, but it has an even more vital function in the animal world.

CLICK HERE to print and color the “Welcome to Earth” Episode 4 printable coloring page


Episode 5

Will explores the Namibia Desert, where both the landscape and time seem to have stood still for over 50 million years. Will discovers that humans can only see a small sliver of what's moving around us.

CLICK HERE to print and color the “Welcome to Earth” Episode 5 printable coloring page


Episode 6

Will Smith and polar explorer Dwayne Fields are dropped by helicopter in the middle of an Icelandic glacier to allow will to confront his fear of nature by travelling down powerful white water rapids.

CLICK HERE to print and color the “Welcome to Earth” Episode 6 printable coloring page


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Stream & Color - Curiosity Stream - Secret Migrations - Painted Lady Butterfly

Secret Migrations - Painted Lady Butterfly

Stream and color SECRET MIGRATIONS, a show on Curiosity Stream about migrations. There are four episodes I think, and I think this one is the fourth.

Curiosity Stream is a few bucks a month, but YES it’s worth it and NO they didn’t pay me to say that ;)

I hope you watch the show and that these pages help you in your journey to learn more about the painted lady butterfly and its migrating life!

Watch The Kingdom: How Fungi Rule The World on Curiosity Stream and color these fun pages I made inspired by the show! The pages are totally free to print and color - print them out for your whole class!

We love curiosity stream! It is a streaming service full of awesome documentaries about all the things.

I made these pages specifically from this little show SECRET MIGRATIONS - the episode about the Painted Lady butterfly

Color Your Own Painted Lady Butterfly

Make this painted lady butterfly awesome in your own way. This is a fun one to work on while you stream Secret Migrations!

Enjoy coloring this page so much! The button to print it is just below the image.

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Color in your own painted lady butterfly! Fill it in and make him beautiful - free printable coloring page from Stevie Doodles


Some fun facts about the Painted Lady:

1. The painted lady isn't picky.

Unlike many butterflies that have certain host plants that they lay eggs on and that caterpillars eat --- the monarch butterfly host plant is milkweed --- the painted lady has been noted to have more than 100 host plants. Caterpillars will eat thistles, hollyhocks and legumes. It is sometimes called the thistle butterfly because it likes thistles.

As an adult, the butterflies enjoy nectar from many different flowers too --- thistles, asters, blazing star, ironweed, Joe pye weed and more.

2. They're found around the world.

Painted lady butterflies aren't limited to the U.S. or even North America. In fact, they are found on all continents except Australia and Antarctica. It is the most widely-distributed butterfly in the world.

3. Painted ladies are tougher than their name sounds.

Painted ladies migrate seasonally and can fly up to 100 miles per day at nearly 30 miles per hour. They don't stay in cold regions during the winter, but you might see them later in the season than monarchs because painted ladies can migrate so quickly.

4. They live in silk houses.

Some caterpillars like to stay covered as a protection. For instance, red admiral caterpillars live in the shelter of folded leaves. Painted ladies weave a tent-like structure from silk, and you can often see these fluffy shelter on thistles. THESE ARE FROM Dickins County Conservation Board READ MORE FACTS HERE

Painted Lady butterfly printable page - free pages to print and color from Stevie Doodles

They're all around us, in the soil, our bodies and the air, but are often too small to be seen with the naked eye.

They provide medicines and food but also wreak havoc by causing plant and animal diseases.

According to the first big assessment of the state of the world's fungi, the fungal kingdom is vital to life on Earth. 

Yet, more than 90% of the estimated 3.8 million fungi in the world are currently unknown to science. 

"It's such an interesting set of organisms and we really know so little about them," says Prof Kathy Willis, director of science at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, which led the report. 

"They're really weird organisms with the most bizarre life cycle. And yet when you understand their role in the Earth's ecosystem, you realise that they underpin life on Earth." READ MORE ABOUT FUNGI