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Thanksgiving Quotes

Free coloring pages with thanksgiving quotes!


Quote Coloring Pages

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages HERE

ALSO - Don’t forget to look for your name in my free name coloring pages

collage of 3 thanksgiving quote coloring pages

Nigel Hamilton Thanksgiving Quote

Use the button below the image to print and color the Thanksgiving quote coloring page with this Nigel Hamilton quote

“Thanksgiving is a time of togetherness and gratitude” - Nigel Hamilton

Print the Nigel Hamilton quote coloring page HERE


Carl Sagan Thanksgiving Quote

Use the button below the image to print and color this page with a Carl Sagan quote and a couple of cute pies to color

“If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.” - Carl Sagan

Print the Carl Sagan quote for thanksgiving page


Willard Scott Thanksgiving Quote

“Thanksgiving just gets me all warm and tingly and all kinds of wonderful inside.” - Willard Scott

Print the Willard Scott Thanksgiving quote color page


William Jennings Bryant Thanksgiving Quote

Use the button below the image to coloring page below with the quote from Bryant and leaves

“On Thanksgiving we acknowledge our dependence.” - William Jennings Bryant

Print the Bryant Thanksgiving quote color page


Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Quote

Use the button below the image to print this Charlie Brown Thanksgiving quote coloring page with Charlie Brown and Thanksgiving elements

“What if today we were just thankful for everything?” - Charlie Brown

Print the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving quote color page


Robert Caspar Lintner Thanksgiving Quote

Free printable name coloring page with a Thanksgiving quote from Robert Caspar Lintner

“Thanksgiving was never meant to be shut up in a single day.” - Robert Caspar Lintner

Print the Thanksgiving quote page above


Amy Leigh Mercree Thanksgiving Quote

Use the button in the image below to print and color the Thanksgiving quote coloring page with the Amy Leigh Mercree quote

“Thanksgiving is a joyous invitation to shower the world with love and gratitude.” - Amy Leigh Mercree

Print the Amy Leight Decree quote page above



This page says “I love thanksgiving” and has a simple turkey for coloring - use the button below the image to print and color this page


“I’m Thankful for Thanksgiving”

This Thanksgiving quote coloring page has lots of Thanksgiving elements to color

Print the I’m thankful for Thanksgiving post above

I hope you found the perfect coloring page for Thanksgiving, but I have so many more Thanksgiving coloring pages here


More Free November Pages

Free Turkey Coloring Pages

Here are my free turkey coloring pages from Stevie Doodles.

Find the perfect turkey page and use the button below the image to print.

I hope you love them!


Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Fall Leaves Coloring Pages

Pie Coloring Pages

Thanksgiving Placemats

Animal Coloring Pages

I Love Thanksgiving! A Turkey Page


Happy Thanksgiving! A Turkey Page

big colorable words "Happy Thanksgiving" with small doodle-filled turkey

Charlie Brown, A Turkey Page

charlie brown holding a sign "What if today we were just thankful for everything?"  a pumpkin, pie, and turkey to color

Cute Turkey Coloring Page

a turkey wearing a pilgrim hat, above colorable text "Happy Thanksgiving"

Color The Feathers Turkey Coloring Page

simple turkey drawing with colors inside each feather to color

Color The Feathers Funky Turkey Coloring Page

simple turkey drawing with colors written in each of the feathers

Name Your Turkey Coloring Page

colorable text "happy thanksgiving" above a simple turkey drawing, above text "My turkey's name is ________"

Turkey Activity Page

colorable text "happy thanksgiving," thanksgiving word search, "I'm thankful for" list, 6 tic tac toe

T is For Turkey Coloring Page

colorable text "I love turkey" above a simple colorable turkey

Let’s Eat Turkey Coloring Page

outline of a turkey filled with doodles to color, colorable "let's eat" underneath
simple turkey drawing with doodles inside to color, colorable text "turkey day" underneath
simple turkey drawing to color, colorable text "turkey day" underneath

More November-Themed Pages To Love

Free Thanksgiving Coloring Pages For Kids

I love Christmas - especially the anticipation, but I think Thanksgiving steals the show for favorite holiday. This is for sure true when I get to spend the whole weekend with family, playing games and stuffing our faces. And I like the month leading up, where I’m surrounded by reminders to be thankful.

So . . . here are all of my Thanksgiving-related free coloring pages. If you are not an email friend of Stevie Doodles, you might also want to sign up to get my 20 page Thanksgiving digital coloring book.

That book is free in my subscriber library and you’ll get instant access when you join my email friends.

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Text "free coloring pages about thanksgiving" images of turkey, pie, feathers

Welcome to my collection of Thanksgiving coloring pages. I hope you find the perfect page to complement your Thanksgiving weekend celebration.

My Thanksgiving-themed pages are separated into the categories below. Just click on the image to see all of my pages in that category!


I made these thanksgiving placemats printable in two different sizes so whatever your printer size, you’ll be able to enjoy them - though I suspect they will work better as placemats if you can manage to print them as 11x17 pages.

Click the image to see and print all of the placemats I made just for you!



All of the thankfulness reminders in November is a highlight of this season for me. I do also love pumpkin flavored coffee, so there’s that ;) But I can’t get enough reminders to be thankful. There’s something so peaceful about stopping and acknowledging something good, something beautiful, something joyful - and I just don’t do it often enough.

Use these pages for a great gratitude activity

I hope you enjoy these 25+ gratitude coloring pages with quotes about thankfulness - click on the image below to find your favorite and print and color today.



These pages are great Thanksgiving coloring pages for toddlers pages. 10 different pages for practicing numbers as we look forward to Thanksgiving



Well since Thanksgiving falls in November, I better include November coloring pages here in the Thanksgiving collection.



This post has 10 free pages with quotes about Thanksgiving - click on the image below to browse the Thanksgiving quote coloring pages



I know pumpkins might be more Halloween, and I do have a whole collection of free Halloween coloring pages.

But these pumpkin coloring pages printables might fit in great with your Thanksgiving coloring activity too.

See all of my pumpkin coloring pages



I hardly ever have room for pie on Thanksgiving, not after helping myself to seconds on Turkey and Potatoes and Stuffing!

But I usually have some later. I do love pumpkin, but apple is my favorite. I hope you enjoy coloring some of these pie coloring pages



Thanksgiving arrives in fall, when the leaves are at their pretties in my area of the world. So if we are creating a collection of Thanksgiving color pages for kids, we have to include these leaf coloring pages.


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