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The Book of Exodus is one of the most captivating books in the Bible, filled with dramatic events and powerful lessons. To help bring these stories to life for children and adults alike, I created a collection of free colorable pages from the Book of Exodus. These coloring pages are a wonderful way to engage with this epic narrative, making the learning process both fun and educational.

Coloring is a fantastic way to reinforce the stories and lessons found in the Bible. As children color these pages, they can learn about the faith, courage, and perseverance displayed by Moses and the Israelites. Parents, teachers, and Sunday school leaders can use these pages to spark discussions about the significance of these events and the values they represent.

These Exodus-themed coloring pages are perfect for homeschooling, Sunday school, and quiet time at home. They provide an excellent opportunity for family bonding as you explore the stories together. You can even turn coloring sessions into a storytelling hour, where each completed page leads to a deeper discussion about the journey of the Israelites and God's guidance.

Share these colorable pages with friends, family, and your community to spread the joy of learning about the Book of Exodus.

collage of 6 coloring pages with simple drawings and verses from Exodus
dragonfly centered, colorable, with colorable text "the Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still"
a bunch of colorable heart balloons centered in colorable text of Exodus 14:14
colorable crown with colorable text of exodus 3.14
simple sleepy cats to color with colorable hearts under colorable text of Exodus 15.11
3 long-stemmed colorable flowers above colorable text "you shall have no other God's before me"
simple colorable globe above text of Exodus 20:11
simple colorable bird in between 2 lines of colorable hearts above text of Exodus 34:6

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