Free Cheese Coloring Pages

Cheese! Who doesn’t love cheese? Even the lactose intolerant wish they could have some cheese, don’t they. These are all of my free cheese coloring pages.

I love cheese so much I started a website dedicated to poems about cheese

On this post you’ll find my love of cheese and coloring crashing together to form some cheese coloring pages. They are all free for my cheese-loving friends to print, color, and love to their hearts content.

These pages pair well with a cheese plate ;)

collage of cheese coloring pages

A Mouse band plays on a block of cheese with a backdrop of cheese slices

5 mice play various instruments on a background of cheese on a coloring page

Mouse, Cheese Grater, Cheese

This one is my favorite ;)

a mouse plays a cheese grater with a spoon on top of a cheese wedge

A sweet little wizard mouse

a cute mouse to color, wearing Harry Potter glasses, a lightening scar, a wand, and colorable text "Accio cheese"

Cheese Shop

A sweet little mouse owns his own little cheese shop! How cute is that?

a simple drawing of a cheese shop with a little mouse holding cheese seen through the window

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More cheese pages below.

Simple Mouse With His Personal Cheese Chunk

simple mouse holding cheese to color

Mac N Cheese

Cheese AND pasta. That’s the good stuff this life has to offer. This page is for all of my Mac n Cheese lovers.

Unfortunately wheat makes me very sick, so I haven’t been able to enjoy those new strictly Mac n Cheese restaurants - have you?

a colorable bowl of Macaroni, colorable words "Mac n Cheese" and a line of colorable cheese wedges and slices

Cheese Puffs!

This bag of cheese puffs has a little cartoon block of cheese. I can DESTROY a bag of these - I have to be careful not to put one in my lap if I sit to watch a show or something because before I even know it the whole thing is in my belly!

colorable bag with the words "cheesy puffs" across the center, a smiling cheese wedge above, little cheesy puff drawings below

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