Free Unicorn Coloring Pages

Here are all the best free unicorn coloring pages at Stevie Doodles! These unicorns have hearts and stars and fun unicorn quotes. They have fun doodles and pretty doodles and cupcakes and rainbows.

I hope you find the perfect unicorn coloring printable here in my unicorn collection. You might also like some of these related pages:

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collage of 3 unicorn coloring pages

If I add more unicorn printables, I’ll include them here, so if you are a lover of both unicorns and coloring sheets you might want to save this page.

If you know someone who loves coloring and also unicorns, I think you should probably send them a link to this page too. Please do that! Okay, on to the unicorn pages!


the cutest unicorn coloring page around - I present to you, my caticorn coloring sheet

simple capricorn coloring page

A caticorn is a cat and unicorn combo which will be loved especially I think by those cat ladies who also love the mythical unicorn. I think this one is especially cute for kids. This is just one of so many unicorn colorable sheets - just scroll down this page to find all of the printable kids unicorn pages at Stevie Doodles


Make your heart the most beautiful thing about you

Print the unicorn printable coloring page below by clicking on the image. I hope you love this unicorn page so much.

unicorn with coat of hearts and colorable text “Make your heart the most beautiful thing about you” quote

2 Unicorns & A Quote About Friendship

Celebrate your favorite friendships with this two unicorn coloring sheet - simple design great for kids. “True friends are always with you in spirit.”

two unicorn heads, colored, and colorable words "true friends are always with you in spirit"

Unicorn + Rainbow + Cupcake

coloring page with unicorn in front of a rainbow jumping over a cupcake

Love cupcakes? Get my free cupcake coloring pages


Cute Unicorn Coloring Printable

cute fat unicorn coloring page

Donut Unicorn Coloring Printables

donut with unicorn horn coloring page

Unicorn Head Color Page


Unicorn Head & Cupcake

a cupcake with a unicorn head coloring page

Love cupcakes? Get my free cupcake coloring pages


Unicorn Cards - Printable Unicorn Coloring Cards With Friendship Quotes

Good friends are like unicorns - you can celebrate them with these printable cards. Cut them out, color them, and share with your favorite unicorn friends. These could be a really fun way for kids to celebrate their friends - print out this cute unicorn page and make these cards to give out to your favorite people.


Do Not Give Your Past The Power! A Unicorn Coloring Page

This is hard! But such good truth paired with an adorable unicorn you can print and color this little cutie as often as you want - put the printable unicorn page up on your fridge when you’re done to remind yourself you’re a beautiful amazing unicorn with a bright future.




“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”

A Free Unicorn Coloring Page

simple unicorn drawing with stars inside and colorable words "those who don't believe in magic will never find it"

Unicorns Are Awesome

“Unicorns are awesome. I am awesome. Therefore I am a unicorn.”

This unicorn coloring page is totally free and easy to print!

a unicorn full of hearts to color with colorable words "Unicorns are awesome, I am awesome therefore I am a unicorn"

Facts. I don’t know where else you’re going to find straight facts like this AND free unicorn coloring pages. You’re so, so welcome.


“Happiness is believing in unicorns.”

Click on the image below to print this free unicorn coloring page printable.

one unicorn with hearts to color, one with stars inside to color, colorable text " Happiness is believing in unicorns"

Ah, to believe in unicorns. I’m not sure we have to believe in them fully to enjoy the idea - but it sure would add a little magic to really, truly believe.


“A friend told me I was delusional - I almost fell off my unicorn.”

Click on the button below the image to print this cute unicorn coloring page.

a simple unicorn to color with squiggly lines inside and the colorable quote "a friend told me I was delisional- I almost fell off my unicorn"

I think this is my favorite unicorn page with a quote - it makes me giggle every time!


Unicorn numbers!

These 10 free unicorn coloring pages are free to print. Click on the image below to visit the download page for my numbers unicorn coloring pages.

If you click on the image above you’ll go to a post with 10 free unicorn coloring pages! One for every number from 1-10


“It’s like learning to ride a unicorn, you never forget.”

Click on the button below the image for this unicorn coloring sheet! I hope you love these free pages. Use my search bar to find even more - or visit my home page to browse free coloring pages by category.


Like Learning To Ride A Unicorn

a simple unicorn with doodles inside to color and colorable quote "It's like learning to ride a unicorn, you never forget."

This free unicorn coloring page has a silly quote - I though it was pretty funny. “It’s like learning to ride a unicorn, you never forget.” Click on the button below to print it out instantly. Happy coloring!


Whimsical Unicorn

My favorite of all of my unicorn pages - the whimsical coloring page. I have colored this one a couple of times. I hope you love it as much as me!

a unicorn coloring page, unicorn outline with doodles inside, colored by Stevie

This is my very favorite (so far) unicorn coloring page - I have colored this one a couple of times and I just love it I hope you love it too!

“Always be kind.”

Click on the button below the image to print the page of this free unicorn coloring page!

a whimsical unicorn drawing with the colorable words "Always be kind" above

This free printable unicorn coloring page reminds us to be kind, always. It’s such a good thing to remember and this unicorn coloring sheet is so fun to color! I hope you’ll show me how you color it - connect with me on socials!


This simple unicorn is pretty cute!

That’s why I made a few versions of it with different words AND why I added it to my shop where you can get your own name in this cute unicorn coloring page!

a simple unicorn to color with the colorable word "peace" across the body


Hope you love this one - I can’t wait to see how you color this page!

If you want to see more free printable coloring pages, visit my home page where you can browse by category


And this one is the same with the word “Happy!”

Just click on the image to visit the download page.

simple unicorn drawing to color, with colorable word "happy" on the body of the unicorn


This free unicorn coloring page is a simple unicorn drawing with the word “happy” across the unicorn’s body. This unicorn coloring sheet is totally free to print and color from Stevie Doodles right now! I hope you’ll share your finished unicorn coloring with me!

Don’t forget! You can get your name on this simple unicorn coloring page in my shop! Get your name on a simple unicorn

These are just $3.00 and so fun to color - kids will love to see this unicorn easy printable with their name on it! You can also search your name before you order your unicorn because I have quite the collection of free pages to print here. Use my search bar to find your name.

Unicorns & Naps

“My mother told me to follow my dreams, so I took a nap.” - unknown I LOVE this quote so much, please excuse me while I go take a nap

unicorn coloring page with simple unicorn with hearts on the body and colorable words "my mother told me to follow my dreams so I took a nap"

Rainbow & Hearts & Caticorn Coloring Page

caticorn in front of a rainbow with hearts coloring page

Hearts & Rainbow & Unicorn Head Coloring Page

rainbow with unicorn head and hearts to color

Unicorn Jumping Rainbow

a cute rainbow with a unicorn jumping over it as a coloring sheet

Rainbow & Hearts & Unicorn Heads Free Coloring Page

rainbows hearts and unicorn heads on a coloring page

About the pages

I, Stevie made all of these fun and free unicorn coloring pages. These are the best of the unicorns so far.

But I plan on adding a lot more unicorn coloring sheets here in the future, so check back often for more unicorns.

The unicorn page I cannot wait to color is the caticorn unicorn. Do you know someone who loves both cats AND unicorns?

Did you know this about unicorns? This was new to me:

A number of seals seemingly depicting unicorns have been found from the Indus Valley Civilization.[5] Seals with such a design are thought to be a mark of high social rank.[6] These have also been interpreted as representations of aurochs—a type of large wild cattle that formerly inhabited Europe, Asia and North Africa—or derivatives of aurochs, because the animal is always shown in profile, indicating there may have been another horn, which is not seen in profile.[7]

Unicorns are not found in Greek mythology, but rather in the accounts of natural history, for Greek writers of natural history were convinced of the reality of unicorns, which they believed lived in India, a distant and fabulous realm for them. The earliest description is from Ctesias, who in his book Indika ("On India") described them as wild asses, fleet of foot, having a horn a cubitand a half (700 mm, 28 inches) in length, and colored white, red and black.MORE AT THE WIKI ENTRY!

Have you heard of an alicorn? If you have an interest in unicorns, you might love to read more about alicorns.