Dravet Awareness Free Coloring Pages Printable

These 4 Free Pages Are Pages I Made For Dravet Awareness In June 2021

From June 1 - June 6 2021 Stevie Doodles is raising funds for Dravet Syndrome research

Every day, an item in my shop will be on super sale and all profits for those six days (every penny!) will go to Dravet Foundation

Tuesday June 1, 2021: Classic Style Name Coloring Pages $3

Wednesday June 2, 2021: Monsters Paper Bag Puppet Book $5

Thursday June 3, 2021: Magnets Buy 2 Get 1 (3 for $10) Use coupon code “DRAVET”

Friday June 4, 2021: I Am Who You Say I Am Digital Coloring Book $5

Saturday June 5, 2021: Animal Style Name Coloring Pages $3

Sunday June 6, 2021: Llama Digital Coloring Book $5

Free! Dravet awareness this week at Stevie Doodles. Print and color 4 free pages to help spread awareness about Dravet syndrome

I’m aware of Dravet because of my friend Sarah and her daughter Avery:

Avery Lango is a spunky 5 year old little girl who was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome at 10 months old. Dravet Syndrome is a rare, catastrophic, and lifelong form of epilepsy.

Avery has endured thousands of seizures and frequent hospital stay in her little life, but through it all she remains a joy to all who meet her.

Additionally, Dravet Syndrome comes with a host of other negative affects such as developmental and behavioral delays, balance and movement issues, speech and language issue, chronic infections and more.

Avery overcomes each struggle with resilience and will continue the fight against Dravet Syndrome for her lifetime.

There is no cure for Dravet and Avery has already failed multiple treatment options. Help us raise awareness and funds to fight Dravet Syndrome and offer hope.

To learn more visit dravetfoundation.org. To follow Avery story find her on Facebook at: Avery’s Hope - Dravet Syndrome Awareness OR Sarah Lango - Gracefilled Growth.

Avery :D

Avery :D

Boxing Gloves & Butterfly

Boxing gloves and butterflies with Hope - a dragnet awareness coloring page - free from Stevie Doodles

Most of my pages include drawings by me (Stevie!) but for this one I used elements I found on Canva.


- What is Dravet syndrome?

It is a rare and catastrophic form of epilepsy often caused by a genetic mutation.

Can kids grow out of Dravet Syndrome?

No, Dravet Syndrome is a lifelong form of epilepsy. -

Is there a cure?

No. There are currently several treatment options for Dravet Syndrome though it is often resistant to those treatments. There is currently no cure! But with more funds we are hopeful for a cure in Avery’s lifetime.

Is Dravet Syndrome just seizures?

No, people with Dravet syndrome are predisposed to many other effects of the disease such as speech & language issues, chronic infections, behavioral & developmental delays, sensory disorders, balance and mobility issues, and more.

What can we do to help those with Dravet syndrome?

Support organizations like the Dravet Syndrome Foundation who are working toward a cure. Share information to help raise awareness and pray for the families of those with Dravet.

fight dravet butterfly printable.jpg
Hope with a butterfly and flowers and hope free printable coloring page from Stevie Doodles
Hope with 3 Butterflies - free printable coloring page from Stevie Doodles