Free Lego Coloring Pages!

Free Lego coloring pages for you! These pages are hand drawn by me and then edited to create printable pdfs. The link to download each page is just below the image. Personal use only please!

This is one of the rare posts with pages I didn’t draw myself. I tried and down at the bottom you’ll see one of my attempts, but these ones turned out better with some graphic art I got through a membership I have.

I really hope you love the pages I put together here. Use the button below each image to print that page.

collage of simple lego coloring pages
2 lego men surrounded by colorable lego blocks
colorable lego man center and lego brick corners
colorable lego centered surrounded by colorable lego bricks and hearts
colorable lego man centered surrounded by colorable stars and lego bricks
colorable lego brick centered with lego brick corners
lego man colorable to the left and colorable word "legos" and lego bricks to the right
a simple lego man to color
a lego man standing in front of a pile of lego bricks to color
bunch of lego bricks colorable