Free Loki Coloring Pages


Is he good? Is he bad? There’s nothing I love more than a character who is ambiguous when it comes to virtue, because really, aren’t we all a little bit that way? I can relate anyway.

So this is the week - TOMORROW IS THE DAY - that the Loki show is premiering on Disney+ and I have been counting down I’m so excited.

In anticipation, here are some fun and pretty simple Loki pages I made this morning. Print these out. Grab a pizza. I don’t know why pizza, it’s not Loki or Marvel related. (Related: we need some Marvel specific snacks.) Anyway, I will probably grab some pizza and some coloring pages and enjoy Loki tomorrow.

Can. Not. Wait.

free printable Loki coloring pages from Stevie Doodles

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Click here to print the Loki free page above

Here’s how I colored some of these pages!


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Click here to print the Loki free page above

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