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I know the Rocky movies are old and actually I never even saw a single one of them, but growing up in the 80’s and 90’s - yelling “Adriennnnnn” like Rocky was a weird thing people did sometimes.

I feel bad for kids named Adrien from those decades, but now it’s probably not a thing. At least, I hope not, for the sake of all the adriens.

I did a little google search to see what the heck this name means and I got some varied results along with one terribly boring result. “Son of Adria?” I don’t feel like that’s interesting information and yet - I just wrote it here, so figure that out.

The Greek version of this name apparently has a meaning of “rich” and the Latin version means “dark.”

Are you Adrien? Well then I got you covered and you can print your name instantly using the button below the image.

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I have so so many name coloring pages and as much as I hope you can find your name here, I can’t do all the names in the whole wide world.

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Adrien Turtle Coloring Page

turtle outline with Zentangle doodles inside to color and colorable name "Adrien"


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