12 Free Lemonade Stand Coloring Pages - Lemons & Lemonade

Lemonade Stand

Lemonade stands are a classic staple of American childhood, at least I think they are. I’m guessing the way it plays out is different in different families. I bet in some families kids run the whole lemonade stand show and in others the kids may come up with the idea and run the stand but the parents handle the shopping and the making and the providing of a cash box for the mini store.

If you don’t know what a lemonade stand is it’s basically just a little stand - could be anything from a folding table to stacked boxes to an expertly made snack stand - where kids sell cups of lemonade, usually just on the street outside their house.

Question: Do kids these days still do only cash lemonade stands? Or are they taking PayPal and Venmo and Cashapp and all of that? I bet there’s a mix of everything.

Anyway, you’re not here for my rambling about lemonade stands. You came for the free coloring pages! Well here they are, please enjoy my lemonade stand coloring pages totally free.

Please print and color these free printable coloring pages as much as you’d like - they are great lemonade stand coloring pages!

The link to download each page is just below the image - these free printable lemon and lemonade coloring sheets are so fun.

Lemonade Stand

This page says “lemonade stand” colorable with some fun lemons to color. You can color this page and use it as part of your advertisements for your stand. Use the button below to print and color this page right now.

CLICK HERE to print and color the lemonade stand coloring page above


Lemonade Stand Price Printable

CLICK HERE to print and color the lemonade stand price sheet above


Lemonade Stand Price Sheet Cents

CLICK HERE to print and color the lemonade stand price sheet page above


Make Lemonade

This page says “make lemonade” in some pretty cool, colorable letters and also has some lemons to color. Use the button just below the image to get this page instantly.


Squeeze The Day

This lemonade stand page says “squeeze the day” and has some fun, simple lemon-themed images to color. This one is free too, of course, and you can print and color it instantly using the button below the image


Make Lemonade

This free lemonade stand page has a colorable, simple picture of a glass of lemonade. You can print this one, just like the others, using the button below the image. Hope you love it!



Make Lemonade

This one is similar to the “make lemonade” page above, but it has quite a few more little lemon-themed drawings to love :D Use the button below this image to get it instantly. Also you might super love the other pages in my free kids coloring pages section


Bunch of Lemon Stuff

This page just has a whole bunch of lemon stuff to color. It will be perfect for your lemonade stand! Use the button just below the image to print this page today.

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A lemonade stand coloring page for you summer stand - this page has the colorable word “lemonade” and some lemons to color. Please don’t color all the lemons yellow because that, while acceptable if it’s really what you want and I don’t want to boss you around I swear, it is just sort of boring. I want to see some hot pink lemons, some polka dot lemons - whatever feels right! No rules. Not even a rule against yellow lemons ;)

Lemon On A Prayer

WHOA we’re halfway there - whoa, lemon on a prayer, take my hand, we’ll make it i swear, whoa lemon on a prayer. I kind of love this punny page about lemons for your lemonade stand fun. Enjoy! Use the button below the image to print and color this page.



Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

A simple and fun little coloring sheet you can instantly print from me today. This page says “easy peasy lemon squeezy” and is colorable and has some colorable lemons, obviously ;)



Bitter Lemons

These lemons are so bitter! They are saying things like “they done me wrong” and “this sucks” and “it’s all pointless” and “everyone is dumb” - what a bunch of bitter lemons. Want to color them? Want to offer them free to customers at your lemonade stand? I got you. Use the button just below the image to print.


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