Free Pikachu Coloring Pages

I wasn’t planning on making any Pokemon pages, but here we are. We are visiting Japan right now and there are Pikachus all over the place. I think he’s pretty cute.

I don’t think you need to make him yellow though. The thing about coloring is that even if Pikachu is yellow in the game and the show — coloring pages make it so you can make any kind of Pikachu you want.

He can be blue, or red, or even rainbow!

I hope you love at least one of these Pikachu coloring pages and print it and make it your own.

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two pikachu coloring pages, each just has a single pikachu with no background

Pikachu Coloring Sheet


Pikachu Coloring Printable

a smiling pikachu coloring page with colorable text "pikachu" underneath

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