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I’ve made these Tennessee coloring pages for you - whoever you are, a teacher sharing about Tennessee with students, a grown up who’s dreaming of an Tennessee vacation, a kid who’s excited to study Tennessee - use these as much and as often as you’d like.

Please enjoy these four coloring sheets inspired by the state of Tennessee. And come back to Stevie Doodles for all your coloring page needs - I have 1000’s of free pages and you can browse my free coloring sheets by category here

You’ll find a Tennessee facts coloring page, a classic Stevie Doodles “Tennessee” coloring page, coloring page, and a Tennessee doodle coloring page.

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Free 4 Tennessee coloring pages to print and color from Stevie Doodles - print and color these Tennessee pages today

No one’s sure how Tennessee got its name, but two Native American villages were called Tanasi and Tanasqui, which sound similar to “Tennessee.”

The state got its nickname from some impressive volunteer work. During the War of 1812, an estimated 20,000 troops volunteered to fight, and in 1846, 30,000 Tennesseans enlisted for the Mexican-American War. READ MORE ABOUT TENNESSEE


Tennessee Facts Activity Sheet

This free coloring page has some fun Tennessee facts to enjoy. Print and color for your road trip in Tennessee, or just as a fun activity page.

Tennessee  facts - a free activity coloring page about Tennessee from Stevie Doodles, free to print and color. Find 1000’s of free printable coloring sheets of all kinds at Stevie Doodles


Tennessee is a landlocked southern state known for its role in country and rock ‘n roll history, as well as its astonishing natural beauty, including the Great Smoky Mountains.

The state is also home to historic Civil War battlefields and memorials, a variety of historical and cultural museums, and even a life-size replica of Greece’s Parthenon. READ MORE ABOUT TENNESSEE




Tennessee With Doodles

This page is an outline of the state of Tennessee with doodles inside. I think this will be so fun to color and I hope you enjoy it with your friends! To print this Tennessee coloring sheet, use the button just below the image.

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Free printable Tennessee  coloring page from Stevie Doodles - print and color 4 free Tennessee themed activity pages in this post from Stevie Doodles and find your state too!


The 1996 Olympic white water events were held at Ocoee River in Tennessee. The name Tennessee comes from the Native American words Tanasi or Tansqui. It is called the Volunteer State because when soldiers were needed in the War of 1812, Tennessee soldiers volunteered and helped to defeat the British at the Battle of Orleans. The oldest running radio show in the United States is the Grand Ole Opry from Nashville. Memphis is the home of Elvis Presley's home Graceland. READ MORE ABOUT TENNESSEE HERE

Tennessee - Classic Stevie Doodle

This Tennessee coloring page is a classic Stevie Doodles - I make personalized name coloring pages here and you can search for your name in my free pages (I hope you find your and love it!) or you can also get yours for just $5 with one-day digital delivery HERE

I hope you love this Tennessee doodle!

The Appalachian Mountains form the eastern section of Tennessee.

The Great Smokey Mountains are one of the mountain ranges in the Appalachian system. READ MORE ABOUT TENNESSEE HERE

Free printable Tennessee coloring pages from Stevie doodles - 4 free printable sheets to print and color today about your favorite state!


The two states with the most state borders are Tennessee and Missouri, which is one of the eight states Tennessee touches. The other seven are Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi and Alabama. 

In 1807, Kingston was named the state capital for one day. That's because the general assembly met there in in order to fulfill a treaty obligation made with the Cherokee, according to the state encyclopedia. READ MORE ABOUT TENNESSEE


Free Tennessee Printable Coloring Page

Free printable Tennessee coloring page from Stevie Doodles - print and color this Tennessee  printable activity sheet + 3 other free Tennessee pages today