Free Thanksgiving Placemats Printable

Here are my fun and free Thanksgiving placemats. You can print one and all of these pages. I’ve made them in 11x17 which is perfect placemat size, and also in 8.5 x 11 in case your printer can’t accommodate the bigger paper.

I actually made these last year but didn’t get them up in time for Thanksgiving last year. This is pretty par for the course for me, but here they are now - ready for your Thanksgiving celebration this year. I so hope you love my free placemats. I think kids and adults will both love these activity pages for your fall holiday.

Find all of my Thanksgiving Coloring Pages HERE

3 thanksgiving placemats in a collage

The buttons to print each placemat are just below the image of the placemats. Choose the size you need and please feel free to reach out if you find any mistakes on my placemats - I want you to love all of my Stevie Doodles free coloring pages!


Happy Thanksgiving - Classic

This placemat says “Happy Thanksgiving” and “thanksgiving” is in my Classic-style Stevie Doodles

"Happy thanksgiving" in bubble letters with doodles inside to color

Happy Thanksgiving - Doodle Turkey

turkey drawing with doodles inside and colorable text "happy thanksgiving"

Happy Thanksgiving - Little Things To Color

Big colorable letters "happy thanksgiving" with colorable pie, turkey, pie slice, pumpkin, leaves

Let’s Eat - Doodle Turkey


Thanksgiving Activity Placemat 1

This free Thanksgiving placemat has a word search, a space to write what you’re thankful for this year + fun fall-themed colorable things to print like leaves and pie and a teapot

Print the activity placemat 8.5x11

Print the activity placemat 11x17


Thanksgiving Activity Placemat 2

This page has a fun turkey to color, some spaces for playing tic tac to, space to write what you’re thankful for this year + a Thanksgiving word search

Print the activity placemat above 8.5x11

Print the activity placemat above 11x17


Happy Thanksgiving - Placemat With Pies

This free placemat says “Happy Thanksgiving!” and has three pies to color - use the buttons below to choose the size you’d like to print and color and use it for your awesome Thanksgiving celebrations

Print the pies placemat 8.5x11

Print the pies placemat 11x17


Happy Thanksgiving - Placemat With Leaves & Veggies

This free placemat says “Happy Thanksgiving” and has a bunch of vegetables to color. I hope you love this fun and free placemat or at least one of my free placemats! Please tag me on socials when you use my pages.

Print the veggies and leaves 8.5x11

Print the veggies and leaves 11x17


My Turkey’s Name is______ Placemat

This placemat has a turkey to color and a space for you to name your turkey - I think kids are going to love this one - heck, I’m pretty sure this is the one I want to color. I can’t wait to fill this turkey’s feathers with different designs. I hope you love it!

Print the Turkey’s Name 8.5x11

Print the Turkey’s Name 11x17


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