10 Free Snowman Coloring Pages

These 10 snowmen coloring page are free to print and color from Stevie Doodles. Enjoy these for your Winter and/or Christmas celebrations. Print them out for your family, your classroom, your get togethers -

I have so many more Christmas pages too:


2 snowmen coloring pages on a light blue background

Snowmen & Snowflakes

This page has a few snowmen floating around with a variety of snowflakes to color. Please enjoy this one - make it unique! I can’t wait to see how different people color this one so please, please remember to share with me on social media

small snowmen and snowflakes in a collage to color
snowman with hogwarts hat, scarf, and wand, colorable text "Merry Christmas"

Snowman Ornament

This is my adorable little snowman on an ornament. Try coloring in some fun stuff in the background of this one. May the background of a tree. You could also add some designs on the ornament. I can’t wait to see what you guys to with this one!

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large ornament with a snowman inside to color

December Snowman

This snowman has snowflakes behind him and the word “December” colorable - can’t think of a better way to get excited about December than with a Holiday movie and something warm and delicious to drink and a coloring page.

Hope you love my snowmen coloring pages!

snowman to color with snowflakes in the background and colorable word "December"

Snowmen Cards

3x 5 cards, each with a snowman and a colorable word "joy" "hope" "love" "peace"

3 Snowmen

These three snowmen are part of my Christmas numbers pages - these are totally free to print and color from Stevie Doodles GET ALL OF MY CHRISTMAS NUMBERS SHEETS HERE



The most famous snowman of all! This page has the name of this famous Snowman as a Christmas-style Stevie Doodles. I was so excited to get my Christmas -style names up this year! You can get any name Christmas-style like Frosty here for just $5 with 1 day digital delivery

bubble letters "Frosty" with Christmas doodles inside to color

Snowman in a Snow Globe

Free! This page has a snowman next to a church with snow falling all around - all inside a snowglobe. Please enjoy this one - it was made with so much love. I hope you have a wonderful Winter season and if you celebrate Christmas I hope it is a beautiful one.

colorable snow globe with a little church, snowman, and tree inside

Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It’s the most wonderful time of the year - it’s the hap, happiest season of all - sing it with me! And color this page. I hope you love my snowmen coloring pages.

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colorable text reads "It's the most wonderful time of the year" and the text is surrounded by colorable Christmas images - gifts, lights, snowmen, and ornaments

Merry Christmas Snowman

Here is a simple snowman with the colorable words “Merry Christmas” to color. This page, which is of course FREE, also has a couple of wreaths and a tree to color. Use the button just under the image to print and color this one - hope you love it!

Colorable text says "merry christmas"  and page also includes a colorable image of a snowman, a christmas tree, and two christmas wreaths

Frosty Lyrics

Frosty the snowman has a holly jolly soul - that’s not right I don’t think - ah well. This is NOT the post with all of the Christmas song lyric free pages but you can check that out while you’re here, why not?

If you’d love this Frosty page to print then use the button just below the image to print and color this page today

colorable text reads "frosty the snowman was a jolly happy soul" and the page has 3 colorable snowmen and many colorable stars

Snowmen & More

This is one of my favorites of the first Christmas pages I mad - it has snowmen, presents, hats, reindeer, and some little stars - all fun to color. This page is free to print, just use the button below the image to get it and start coloring today

colorable images of snowmen, santa hats, ice skates, reindeer, gifts, and stars

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