Free Happy New Years Coloring Pages

Happy New Year!

Some free printable coloring pages to ring in the new year! Happy 2024 - I hope you are ready for a fresh start. I love the start of new months and new years. It’s just so fun to think about the year ahead and imagine what we might want to do and see and how many naps we might want to take.

Are you setting any resolutions or fun goals for this year?

I decided to try to write a poem about cheese every day in 2022. You can read those here at Poems About Cheese if that sounds fun.

In 2024, just like in 2023, I’m working on fiction — getting those fiction writing muscles worked out so I can eventually write some decent stories.

collage of happy new years 2024 coloring pages

Happy New Year With Flowers

This page has corners of flowers and in the center, the colorable words “Happy New Year!” If you are looking for a mellow New Year’s activity for kids or even for grown ups - I hope I have the perfect printable coloring page for you to use for you New Year celebration.

small bunch of colorable flowers in each corner, colorable text "Happy New Year" in the center

Happy New Year With Cacti

This page has some little colorable succulents and the colorable words “Happy New Year” - the button to print and color this new year’s coloring page is just below the image.

line of colorable succulents underneath colorable text "Happy New Year!"

Happy New Year - Music

This page has a lot of musical elements to color - it’s my favorite of these ones - and the words “Happy New Year” I hope you love it! Happy New Year to you and if coloring some pictures while you watch the party in New York is how you ring in the New Year, then you are my kind of people :D

guitar, boombox, music notes to color and colorable text "Happy New Year! 2024"

Happy 2024

“HAPPY” the word is colorable with a bunch of fun doodles in this page. Plus the colorable words “New Year!” and “2024”

bubble letters "Happy" with doodles inside to color above colorable words "New Year! 2024"

2024 Happy New Year!

This is my most simple New Year’s page - Can you fill in the numbers with doodles of your own and color them? That sounds pretty fun to me. Thanks for making Stevie Doodles part of you New Year’s celebration. If you are doing crafts on New Year’s Eve

outline of words "2024 Happy New Year"
bubble numbers "2024" with doodles inside to color underneath outline "Welcome"

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