Free Music Coloring Pages


Coloring pages about music! Free pages to color with radios and instruments and notes. Print and color these pages free using the button below each image.

collage of 3 music coloring pages

Banjo Coloring Page

This banjo page is perfect for bluegrass music lovers or anyone who loves the banjo.

banjo drawing "banjo" colorable, music notes to color

Speaking of bluegrass . . . you might also love this bluegrass band of mice

5 mice playing various instruments atop of and in front of cheese

Boombox & Microphone Music Coloring Page

A little line runs between a colorable boombox and a microphone + hearts!

boombox in top left with line down to microphone in the bottom right, hearts  around the images

Saxophone, Rainbow, Music Notes Coloring Page

Who loves the sax? Turn on some Jazz and get to coloring this one with whatever materials make your little heart happy.

saxophone with doodles inside and a rainbow coming out of the horn and music notes, colorable, all around

Rainbow & Music Notes Coloring Image

Just a very simple rainbow with some very simple music notes to color

rainbow with colorable music notes

Musical Llama, A Music Color Page

Awww a little llama ballerina with lots of music things to color. Use the button below the image to print it.

llama ballerina, boombox, violin, music notes, saxophone coloring page

Penguin With Headphones, & Music Notes

I’m biased but I think my penguins are pretty stinking cute.

penguin wearing headphones with boombox and music notes colorable

Boombox Music Coloring Page

boombox outline with doodles inside to color

Tuba Music Coloring Sheet

This tuba has tons of doodles inside to color + notes to color!

tuba outline filled with doodles and surrounded by musical notes

Violin Music Coloring Image

A little doodles violin to color, free using the button just below this image.

violin, bow, and colorable text "violin"

Guitar Music Coloring Printable

And this one is a guitar with doodles to color

guitar with some doodles inside to color and musical notes colorable

Harp Music Color Page

I love the sound of a harp. There’s a reason they play these in hotel lobbies — there’s just something so calming about live harp music. And there’s something so calming about coloring too, so why not try coloring a harp?

colorable harp drawing with colorable music notes

Hearts With Flowers & Music Coloring Page

flowers and musical notes collage in the shape of a heart, all colorable

Piano Music Coloring Sheet

piano drawing with keys full of doodles to color and a line of musical notes underneath

Play & Pause Music Color Page

It’s okay to press pause ;)

Take lots of breaks and if you need to, take a break to color

Play and pause button outline with flowers inside, colorable text "it's okay to press pause"

Rooster & Oboe Music Coloring Printable


Flowery Saxophone Music Coloring Page

saxophone outline full of doodles to color and colorable text "saxophone"

Saxophone Music Color Sheet

colorable flowers in the shape of a saxophone

Xylophone Music Coloring Image

Learning about the letter X? That seems to be when xylophones get all the attentions. But they really do deserve some attention just for being what they are, don’t they?

xylophone outline with flowers inside to color and colorable text xylophone

Spooky Band Coloring Page

coloring page with a grim reaper playing violin, a skeleton playing xylophone, a ghost playing violin

Musical Reaper Coloring Page

simple drawing grim reaper playing violin coloring page

Musical Ghost Coloring Page

simple ghost playing violin coloring page

Moonlight Musical Reaper Coloring Page

a spooky tree, a simple grim reaper playing violin, a moon and clouds overhead

Musical Skeleton Coloring Page

a simple drawing of a skeleton playing a xylophone

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