Free Trucks Coloring Pages

Welcome to my page full of trucks to color. You can print each of these pages using the buttons below the images.

Kids and grown-ups alike love trucks and trucks are a fun challenge for me to draw. I love to color them too.

Print these as much as you’d love and as often.

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Trucks coloring pages with 3 construction trucks and an oil rig, the text "construction truck coloring pages" and an image of a crane truck on an orange background

This is my trucks post! I’ll add more here when I make them. For now, I think I have some pretty great ones here. You can find all of my kids coloring pages here

To print my trucks, just use the button right below the image of the truck you’d love to color.

I hope you have so much fun coloring these and I hope you find all of the pages you want here at Stevie Doodles.


3 Construction Trucks

3 construction trucks in a horizontal line, ready to print and color using the button below the image.

3 simple trucks drawn on the coloring page

Crane Truck

A simple crane truck drawing, flat bed, 6 wheels. This hand-drawn page is great for tiny hands to little hands. I hope you’ll find something fun to do with the background too.

Add a rainbow! Or some clouds! Or Godzilla! Anything goes!

flat bed crane truck coloring page

Big Rig

Another big rig page. Hope you love it!
Idea: Are your kids coloring this page? If you are sitting with them and coloring too, talk about what this truck might be off to do. Did it just finish working on a project? What was it? Or is it on it’s way to do something exciting? What might it be doing? What kind of cargo do you think it has had in the bed? Do you have any ideas about the driver? What might the driver be like in his life? Does he have a family or a secret second job?

a kids truck coloring page with a simple big rig

Learn about trucks video <- Watch while you color!

Trucks & Oil Rigs

3 big rig trucks and oil rigs - a lot to color in this fun and free page.

These guys work together to do a lot of work! Can you think about what they might do?

truck coloring page, 3 different big rig trucks to color plus oil rigs

Truck Coloring Page + Oil Rig

Truck and oil rig - free page, just use the button below the image to print this page

A fun video about construction trucks <- Watch while you color!

I think bigger kids might especially like this one because there’s quite a bit more going on, but as always my pages are meant to be enjoyed by anyone and everyone, no agism around here ;)

truck coloring page with a big rig truck sitting in front of an oil rig on

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