Can You Just Sit With Me? Coloring Pages

My friend Natasha wrote a beautiful book. It’s called “Can You Just Sit With Me?”

I want everyone to know about it, because it is beautiful and anyone who knows what it is to walk through grief will find a kindred spirit in Natasha.

These pages are inspired by her book.

Get the book Can You Just Sit With Me? HERE

collage of coloring pages surrounding image of "Can You Just Sit With Me?" cover
tea pot, tea cup, colorable text "can you just sit with me?"
sun with rays full of doodles to color and Psalm 34:18 text in the center
"grief" bubble letters with flowers inside to color and lines underneath to create acronym
a bunch of colorable fungi and colorable words "I am allowed to grieve"
colorable word "lament" with flower collage behind, underneath is a bunch of lines to journal a lament

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