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Garbage trucks rumble through the streets, their mechanical arms reaching out to collect bins filled with discarded waste, symbolizing the relentless pursuit to keep our cities clean. Amid the noise and odor, they serve as a reminder of the unsung heroes who work diligently behind the scenes to maintain the sanitation and hygiene of our communities.

a collage of garbage truck coloring pages and a colored garbage truck clip art

Full Truck + Bin

This page has a full truck ready to empty one more bin in to take to the dump! So much to color and love in this page - I hope you enjoy it.

colorable garbage truck and colorable garbage bin

Full Truck + Can

This is the same truck as above, but in this picture he is about to pick up a full garbage can rather than a bin. It must be really full because the lid seems to have fallen off!

What has wheels and flies but it isn't an aircraft?

A Garbage truck

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garbage truck coloring page with full trash can, lid on the ground

3 Cans & A Garbage Truck

This is just a simple little garbage truck with a recycling symbol to color. He’s pulling up beside three full trash cans, ready to do is job and get them emptied into the back of the truck!

Why did the trash go to the doctor? He was feeling rubbish.

What did the garbage can say to the trash? I’ve bin through a lot lately. 

Where do rubbish trucks get fixed? At the gar-bage.

line art garbage truck with recycling symbol next to three trash cans

Dumping Garbage into a Truck

In Great Britain, garbage trucks are called “lorry bins”

coloring page garbage truck lifting trash can into truck bed

Garbage Truck With Doodled Recycle Symbol

Back in the early 20th century, the first garbage trucks were a far cry from the efficient and technologically advanced vehicles we see today. These early pioneers of waste collection relied on simple horse-drawn carts, tirelessly navigating the streets to transport trash from households to landfills.


A Simple, & Full, Garbage Truck

Certain types of garbage that cannot be recycled include items such as plastic bags, Styrofoam products, and broken glass, as they pose challenges for the recycling process or have limited recycling options available.

simple full garbage truck coloring page

Waste Management Truck Coloring Page

waste management truck coloring page, truck is dumping a trash bin into the truck bed

Plain Garbage Truck

simple garbage truck coloring page dumping a bin, text below  reads "garbage truck"

Preschool Garbage Truck Coloring Page

simple garbage truck coloring page next to trash can

Garbage Truck Color Page

garbage truck color page with recycling symbol

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