Free Farm Animal Coloring Pages

Hello! This post contains all of my farm animals. If you are looking for more animals, you’ll find them in my free animal coloring pages.

This post has bunnies and cows and horses and more.

When I add more free pages about animals you might find on the farm, you’ll find those here as well.

My printables are perfect for kids and grown-up kids. I have a whole section of adult coloring pages, but I think any of my pages are great for any age.

Coloring is a calming and relaxing activity with no age limit. I hope you find a page to love here in my farm animals. Browse my whole collection of free coloring pages by category.

Click on the farm animal you want below to see all of my pages for that animal and print, totally free!

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Free Jellyfish Coloring Pages

Jellyfish Coloring Sheets

I hope you enjoy these jellyfish color pages. Please share these with a friend who would love to color Jellyfish. I think these pages would be fun for a classroom or as an activity to do while you discuss ocean life - or maybe even something to do while you recap a visit to an aquarium!

You’ll find more free pages about ocean life in my animals section - see all of my free animal coloring pages here

collage of 4 jellyfish coloring pages, each filled with jellyfish drawings to color and set on a colored background, one yellow, one purple, one green

Doodle Your Own Jellyfish - A Free Coloring Page

8 simple jellyfish on a coloring page


Originally, I planned on adding some doodles in the bodies of these jellyfish drawings, but I decided it might be more fun to leave them blank so you can doodle your own!

Of course, you can also leave them blank - they could be so fun to color without the doodles too. I can’t wait to see what everyone does with this page. Make sure you tag Stevie Doodles on socials when you share your amazing versions of these free jellyfish printables.


Jellyfish Facts - A Free Jellyfish Printable Page

At the top of the page, text reads "free jellyfish coloring pages" on the right is a jellyfish drawing with the body of the jellyfish filled with doodles, on the left is a list of facts about jellyfish


I made this doodle-rific little Jelly and paired him with some facts about Jellyfish!

I pulled these facts from CBC Kids - visit them to see even more fun Jellyfish facts

These will be so fun for homeschool - or pass them on to a teacher. Remember, you can print as many copies of these Jellyfish coloring pages as you’d like, but please don’t distribute the PDFs - send people to Stevie Doodles to grab their own PDFs so they can find even more awesome coloring pages.


4 Jellyfish - An Adult Jellyfish Coloring Page

4 simple jellyfish drawings to color. The colorable word "jellyfish" is printed underneath.


These four Jellyfish I think will make a fun little page for adults to color - though kids might love this free page too!

There is a great little documentary on Curiosity Stream called Night At The Aquarium

If you have curiosity stream, print out this page, turn on that show - what a fun way to wind down and relax!


Free Kids Jellyfish Coloring Page - With Different Jellyfish Moods

three colorable jellyfish with big eyes, and the colorable text "jelly jelly jellyfish"


This page has three Jellyfish, very simple drawings, with faces showing three different moods.

I made this one specifically for kids, and I thought it might be fun to talk about what each Jellyfish might be feeling as you color the page - and to make up what might have happened.

Did the happy Jellyfish just get home from a fun birthday party where they served his favorite cake?

Did the sad Jellyfish not get enough sleep, or did he get the blue cup for his juice instead of the purple cup?

What else might have happened? When did you feel happy or sad last? Could your jellyfish friends have had similar experiences as you?


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Free Hippo Coloring Pages

Free Hippo Coloring Page


It’s a little bit of a dream to go on a river boat in Africa and see hippos. Although it’s a little bit of a dream of mine to go pretty much everywhere and see everything.

Here on this post you will find all of my free hippo coloring pages.

You can print and color these as much as you’d like. Personal use only please!

Want to share with your blog or newsletter readers? Just send them a link to right here. Thanks for visiting and for loving my free hippo sheets.

Color while you watch this hippo documentary narrated by David Attenborough

Or this one on Hippos & Rhinos from Curiosity Stream

collage of hippo coloring pages

3 Cute Hippos

three cute hippos to color

One Extremely Adorable Hippo

an adorable simple hippo to color

A Hippo Face With Hearts & Stars

a hippo head to color surrounded by colorable stars

A Spotted Hippo

a hippo outline with a bunch of spots on him to color

Hippo’s Cupcake Shop

a cupcake shop with a large sign above the shop with a hippo on it

A Simple Hippo Coloring Page

a cute and simple hippo drawing to color

A Doodle Hippo

simple cute hippo holding balloons on this coloring page

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