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I’ve made these Idaho coloring pages for you - whoever you are, a teacher sharing about Idaho with students, a grown up who’s dreaming of a Idaho vacation, a kid who’s excited to study Idaho - use these as much and as often as you’d like.

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You’ll find a Idaho facts coloring page, a classic Stevie Doodles “Idaho” coloring page, coloring page, a page with the state of Idaho and its state flower, and an Idaho doodle coloring page.

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Free 4 Idaho coloring pages to print and color from Stevie Doodles - print and color these Idaho pages today

Interesting facts about Idaho

1. The state’s name derived from a Native American word that means “the land of many waters.” The pronunciation is similar to the state’s name.

2. Idaho is sometimes referred to as the Gem State. One can find nearly 72 types of precious stones in the state.

3. The state grows nearly one-third of America’s potatoes. It is likely that the people living outside the state eat more of these starchy vegetables than the people in Idaho.

4. A mayor seemed to have a strange adoration for his small town in Idaho. He declared that Wallace, with a population of 800 people, was the Center of the Universe. A manhole cover was made to mark this declaration and the place he said was the center.

MORE FACTS ABOUT IDAHO HERE Fun fact - I went to High School about 10 miles from Wallace AKA the center of the Universe ;)


Idaho Facts Activity Sheet

Idaho’s history lies with its native tribes, the Lewis and Clark Expedition and determined pioneers on the Oregon Trail. Today’s Idaho is both cosmopolitan and small-town friendly. Boise, the capital and largest city, developed near Fort Boise along the Oregon Trail has grown to a population of 190,000. Agriculture, manufacturing and tourism are Idaho’s major industries. Abundant outdoor recreation opportunities and scenic vistas around every turn attract over 20 million tourists annually. MORE FACTS ABOUT IDAHO HERE

Idaho FACTS - A Free Printable Idaho Activity Sheet

Idaho facts - a free activity coloring page about Idahofrom Stevie Doodles, free to print and color. Find 1000’s of free printable coloring sheets of all kinds at Stevie Doodles


When officials first suggested Idaho’s name, some people thought it came from a Native American word meaning “gem of the mountains.” But it turns out the word “Idaho” was actually made up!

The nickname the Gem State might have grown out of the myth of the state’s name. It may also refer to the many precious metals and gems mined in the mountains of the state, including star garnet (the state gem.) READ MORE ABOUT IDAHO FROM NAT GEO HERE


Idaho With Doodles

This page is an outline of the state of Idaho with doodles inside. I think this will be so fun to color and I hope you enjoy it with your friends! To print this Idaho coloring sheet, use the button just below the image.

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Free printable Idaho coloring page from Stevie Doodles - print and color 4 free Idaho-themed activity pages in this post from Stevie Doodles and find your state too!


Though “the Gem State” might come from a fake word, the state is actually full of gems. Idaho produces 72 types of gemstones, including rare star garnets, amethysts, rubies, and diamonds. The state is also known for mining silver, zinc, lead, and travertine, a type of marble.

The old mining town of Silver City looks almost exactly the way it did more than a hundred years ago. Today it’s a tourist stop, but in the 1860s its mines produced at least $60 million worth of precious metals. Visitors can stay in the same hotel where old-time miners slept. READ MORE ABOUT IDAHO HERE


Idaho- Classic Stevie Doodle

This Idaho coloring page is a classic Stevie Doodles - I make personalized name coloring pages here and you can search for your name in my free pages (I hope you find your and love it!) or you can also get yours for just $5 with one-day digital delivery HERE

I hope you love this Idaho doodle!

Free printable Idaho coloring pages from Stevie doodles - 4 free printable sheets to print and color today about your favorite state!

 In 1861, Idaho wasn’t even called Idaho. Originally, Congress dubbed the land the Colorado Territory. Idaho finally became a territory all its own in 1863 and became the 43rd state in 1890.

 The state horse, the Appaloosa, was brought over by the Spaniards in the 1700s and embraced by the Nez Perce tribe. Settlers called the spotted equines "Palouse horses" after the Palouse River, and the name stuck.

 At 7,993 feet deep, Hells Canyon in western Idaho is the deepest river gorge in North America. In comparison, the Grand Canyon is only 6,000 feet deep. READ MORE IDAHO FACTS HERE


Idaho with Syringa Flowers

The syringa was designated the state flower of Idaho by the legislature in 1931. It is a branching shrub up to 12 feet tall with clusters of white, fragrant flowers that bloom in late spring to early summer. The blossoms are similar to the mock orange, have four petals, and the flowers grow at the ends of short, leafy branches. MORE FACTS ABOUT IDAHO HERE

Free printable Idaho coloring page from Stevie Doodles - print and color this Idaho printable activity sheet + 3 other free Idaho pages today