Free Custom Library Coloring Pages For Librarians

Custom Library Coloring Pages

Special offer to librarians: Use the form below to request your pages

I love the library! It is unbelievably cool to be able to get pretty much any book I want from the local library.

Books are one of my favorite things about life, so anywhere that helps me read all the books I want for free is THE BEST PLACE.

If libraries somehow were able to provide free coffee, I don’t think I’d ever leave. Librarians probably know this, which might explain the lack of free coffee.

So to all of you librarians . . . I offer you these free custom Library pages. Fill out the form and I’ll get these pages to you (pdf and jpg of each image) as soon as my little hands can make them!

How to use these pages

  1. Print and share with patrons

  2. Host a coloring contest

  3. Put them on your website as a free printable

  4. Send to your email list

  5. Anything you want!

I really appreciate you linking to when you mention these pages on your website!


If you’re not a librarian, but you’d love these pages for your library, please send this link to your librarian!

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