100 Irish Names + Coloring Pages

Irish Names

Here is my collection of Irish names. Click on each name to visit the post for that name, with Classic-Style & Shamrock-style names for each name.

See my Free St. Patrick’s Day coloring pages

Free Coloring Pages For Girls

Coloring Pages For Girls

Beautiful coloring pages for girls - a whole bunch of cute coloring pdf images that girls will love.

Of course, I think all humans will love whichever of my pages they are drawn too, so basically this is a compilation of pages I think you might be looking for if you happen to search “coloring pages for girls".”

Free Gnome Coloring Pages

Who doesn’t love gnomes? They’re adorable and I think all the girls will love these pages

Free Heart Coloring Pages

Hearts! This one’s for all the girls and other humans who love to color hearts. It’s my newest addition to my coloring pages for girls collection.

Free Unicorn Coloring Pages

So many little girls love unicorns, so I had to include these beauties. FYI I plan to make the unicorn collection a whole lot bigger!

Free Cupcake Coloring Pages

Cupcakes are pretty and sweet and lovable. Do you know any girls who would love to color some fun and cute cupcake pages? I got them covered here - almost 50 pages to choose from!

Free Ladybug Coloring Pages

Awwww . . . ladybugs! If any girls out there would love to color some ladybugs, they are in the right place.

Free Rainbow Coloring Pages

This girl loves looking for rainbows and trying to get a great picture of them!

Free Flower Coloring Pages

This is my collection of free flowers coloring pages and it definitely belongs here in the coloring for girls collection.

Girl Scout Cookie Map Printable

I had this request from some girl scout friends and it was so fun to make! Tell your girl scout friends about this free page.

You might love some of these other free pages from Stevie Doodles

50+ Free Coloring Pages For Boys

Coloring Pages for Boys

Sometimes people are looking for a particular thing and they know they’ll find it in a “coloring sheets for boys” post, so here are some pages I think would fit into this fun category of my free printables.

Trucks coloring pages for boys

Boys and other humans are going to love my pages with trucks and you can see them all by clicking on the image below.

Trucks Coloring Pages for Boys!

Visit my post full of free trucks coloring pages

And I also have these free airplane coloring pages


I love to add more to my free Star Wars coloring pages.

At least once a year you’ll find me rewatching something from the Star Wars universe. As I write this, I recently finished the Andor season and loved it. Rogue One is my favorite (by far) of the Star Wars movies so Andor was an instant hit with me.

And when I rewatch, I tend to freshen up my Star Wars coloring pages around the same time. I hope all your humans, even the boys ;), love these pages.


Free Coloring Pages With Cable Cars

I think boys and non-boys, especially the ones with little hands, are going to love these cable car coloring pages


Train Coloring Pages Boys Will Love


Preschool #’s 1-10, 10 pages with vehicle numbers to count and color


I’ll add more “coloring pages for boys” as I make them, but you might also love some of these free coloring pages here