100+ Free Coloring Pages For Boys

Instantly print the perfect coloring pages for boys in my collection of 100+ free pages about trucks, star wars, tools, firemen and so much more.

Sometimes people are looking for a particular thing and they know they’ll find it in a “coloring page for boys” post, so here are some pages I think would fit into this fun category of my free printables.

Coloring is not just a fun and creative activity for kids, but it also provides countless benefits for their overall development. Firstly, coloring helps enhance fine motor skills as children grasp and maneuver the crayons or colored pencils, strengthening their hand muscles and improving coordination.

Even better, coloring allows kids to explore their creativity and express themselves artistically, fostering imagination and self-expression. Coloring aids in cognitive development by improving focus, concentration, and attention to detail as kids carefully color within the lines. Coloring also promotes color recognition and understanding of shapes and patterns, boosting visual perception skills.

For kids and adults, coloring offers a relaxing and soothing effect, serving as an excellent stress-reliever for young ones.

If you’re looking for boys coloring sheets, I definitely think you’ll find at least 10 to love here in my collection of more than 100.

Trucks coloring pages for boys

Boys and other humans are going to love my pages with trucks and you can see them all by clicking on the image below.

Find an awesome coloring page for boy among my free trucks coloring pages


And I also have these free airplane coloring pages

I have tons of airplanes - the perfect coloring page for boys to color while waiting for a flight, or on a flight, or gearing up to take a flight!

However you use them is up to you. I hope you love my airplane pages.


I love to add more to my free Star Wars coloring pages.

At least once a year you’ll find me rewatching something from the Star Wars universe. As I write this, I recently finished the Andor season and loved it. Rogue One is my favorite (by far) of the Star Wars movies so Andor was an instant hit with me.

And when I rewatch, I tend to freshen up my Star Wars coloring pages around the same time. I hope all your humans, even the boys ;), love these pages.


Alien Coloring Pages

I just watched an episode of a docuseries that was all about the Roswell incident and I don’t know if it was aliens, but the people of Roswell seemed to have plenty of reasons to believe somebody was hiding something about something.

It’s way more fun to think about it as aliens! I’m a girl who loves aliens, but I’m pretty sure boys love aliens too ;)


Boat Coloring Pages

These pages are all about boats! I love, love, love boats and I love being out on the water - especially salt water - it is possibly my favorite place to be in the whole world.

If you have a boy or boys who also love boats and coloring, I think you will find the perfect page for them among my boat pages.

See all of my boat coloring pages


See all of my free dog coloring pages


Firemen & Firetrucks Coloring Page

Also in my collection of boys pages, I had to add firemen and firetrucks! In my firemen post you’ll find firemen, firewomen, firetrucks, fire hydrants - all kinds of pages for the boy who loves firemen.

Click on the image or the button below to see them all and print the ones you love the most.



This post is quickly becoming full of my favorite things, boats and planes and fishing? Yes, please. Fishing is traditionally consider a boy activity, which doesn’t make a lot of sense to me but I don’t make the stereotypes! I just make the posts that sometimes fit the stereotype so people can find my pages ;)

Fishing is THE BEST. Boat, water, quiet activity in peaceful surroundings? I can’t imagine anything much better.



Another one of my favorite things! My favorite sport to watch live is baseball, but Sundays watching football is kind of the best. I was born in Seattle and lived in the area until I was 15, and I’ve been a Seahawks fan through thick and thin.

These free pages have footballs and helmets for now - hopefully I’ll have even more pages about football added soon.


Frog Pages

My son is always catching frogs and bringing them to see me. One time he caught a frog and managed to keep it as a pet for a week without the help of a bucket or aquarium or anything. The silly thing just stuck around for some reason. Somewhere I have a picture of it on a toy motorcycle. I with I could remember what my son named it, but that memory is lost.

If you have a boy who loves frogs and coloring, this is probably where you’ll find the perfect coloring page for him.



I have some really, really cute giraffes to color in my collection of giraffe coloring pages

See my free giraffe coloring pages for boys



Okay so hippos are deadly, like seriously dangerous animals, but it’s way too fun to draw them cute and adorable!

If your boys love hippos, I think they’ll find a page to love in my collection of hippos.

See my free hippo coloring pages



What’s not to love about lions? These make for great coloring pages for boys I think.

Lions are considered the second-largest big cats in the world, with males weighing up to 550 pounds (250 kilograms) and measuring around 10 feet (3 meters) in length. Known for their distinctive manes, these majestic creatures are highly social animals, living in prides consisting of related females, their cubs, and a coalition of two to three males.


Mice Pages

I have so many cute mice to color! I’m not a particular fan of rodents, but I think that’s traditionally a “boy” thing, right? I DID love drawing these cute little mice.


Policemen Pages

Along with firemen, kids seem to love pretending to be police. So I thought maybe these police coloring pages would fit right into my collection of coloring pages for boys!


Free Coloring Pages With Cable Cars

I think boys and non-boys, especially the ones with little hands, are going to love these cable car coloring pages


Train Coloring Pages Boys Will Love

Boys and trains share an enduring fascination that transcends time, as the rumble of wheels on a track ignites imagination, propelling youngsters into a world of adventure and possibility. From building tracks to mimicking engine sounds, the allure of trains captures the hearts of boys everywhere.


Preschool #’s 1-10, 10 pages with vehicle numbers to count and color


Animal Jokes

I don’t know about your boys, but mine loves jokes! These pages have animal jokes, each page has a different animal and then jokes related to that animal. I think you’ll find a pretty great page to color from among my animal jokes.

See all of my animal coloring pages



Tools are a classic - kids love to build things, or at least to use tools to take things apart. One of my little brothers used to take everything apart, from his bike to a toaster to a sandbox truck, he liked to use tools to break anything down to its smallest parts. I was always surprised at just how many parts he could get our of a single thing!

If you are looking for coloring page for a boy who loves tools, I’ve definitely got you covered.



a collage of lego coloring pages for boys with colored pencils along the bottom

I’ll add more coloring pages for boys as I make them, but you might also love some of these free pages here