Free Mermaid Coloring Pages

Here are all of my mermaid coloring pages you can instantly print and color! I hope you find a page about mermaids to love in my little collection.

Next to unicorns (see my free unicorn coloring pages here) mermaids are probably the best loved mythical sea creatures in my culture. Mermaids are half-man, half-fish and appear in tons of folklore and fantasy stories.

Read tons about mermaid origins and stories at Wikipedia

You might also like this short article from NOAA “Are Mermaids Real?”

Sometimes in stories, mermaids are pretty mean and hateful toward humans — in other stories, mermaids are helpful and provide aid to humans.

Might as well turn on your favorite cheesy mermaid movie while you enjoy these coloring pages. Speaking of, I was just singing “Les Poissons” from Disney’s Little Mermaid yesterday!

collage of mermaid coloring pages

Simple Mermaid Tail Coloring Pages

This page has a simple mermaid tail coming out of the water with the colorable word “Mermaid” in pretty script underneath

A simple outline of a large mermaid tail coming out of thin waves, also outlines with the colorable word "mermaid" underneath the tail image

Cute Mermaid Coloring Page With Doodle Tail

This simple cute page is a mermaid lady with a shell bra and a tail full of doodles to color.

A female mermaid with curly hair, shell bra, and a tail full of colorable doodles

Zentangle Mermaid Tail Coloring Page

This big mermaid tail is coming out of the water and completely full of tons of doodles to color and little waves to color too

a large mermaid tail full of colorable doodles fills the page

Mermaid Coloring Page With Hearts

A mermaid tail coming out of the water full of little hearts to color - lots of room to have fun with the water underneath!

A large mermaid tail coming out of little waves. The tail is full of little colorable hearts

Zentangle Mermaid Tail With Sun & Clouds

This page has a lot more going on! A large tail full of colorable doodles is coming out of colorable waves with a sun and clouds background.

A lage mermaid tail full of colorable doodles is coming out of colorable waves with a colorable sun and coloring clouds in the background

Mermaid Heart Coloring Page

This page has a full mermaid from the back and in the background is a heart within a heart within a heart within a heart . . .

a full body mermaid from the back, she is all colorable with scales on her tail to color. There is a background of 7 hearts to color, each heart fits into a slightly bigger heart

Galaxy Mermaid Coloring Page

This mermaid tail is full of stars and is coming out of the water with a background of planets. This one is my favorite!

A mermaid tail outline full of colorable diamond-shaped stars with a background of different planets to color

A simple mermaid coloring sheet outline

This is a very simple mermaid to color and make your own. No doodles anywhere - just a cute little mermaid floating in the water (or not! you can make her floating or sitting wherever you want!)

a simple mermaid outline with curly hair, closed eyes

Mermaid Tail With Big Scales

This mermaid tail has big scales to get really creative with

Big mermaid tail outline with large scales drawn into the tail to color

Print the mermaid coloring page with simple scales above

I hope you love the pages in my coloring page mermaid collection!


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