Free October Coloring Pages

These October coloring pages are completely free to print and color. If you’re looking for October printables for kids or for the classroom - you’ve found them. You’ll find some pages for adults here too - I’m sure grown ups will enjoy some of these. I’m a grown up (mostly!) and I love coloring these printables.

October makes me think of Fall and cozy reading time and Halloween.

You’ll notice some of these pages are simple the word “October” in my different coloring page styles. You can get any name or word in those styles with one day delivery. I’ve included links for those.

If anyone you know is looking for coloring activities, free to print, about October, please send them my way!

a collage of october coloring pages with colored graphics of football, coffee cup, books, cat

Toward the end of this post, you’ll see some fun October pages that are activity sheets I think your elementary kids will love for learning about and celebrating October!

October is the 10th month and it happens to be the month I was born, so I’m pretty partial to it.


1st: National Pumpkin Spice Day (Pumpkin coloring pages, coffee coloring pages)

2nd: National Michelle Day (Michelle coloring page)

3rd: Iraq Independence Day (coming soon)

4th: National Taco Day (taco coloring pages)

5th: Rhode Island Day (Rhode Island coloring pages)

6th: National Transfer Money to Your Daughter Day (daughters coloring pages)

7th: International Day of Peaceful Communication (Peace coloring pages)

8th: Word Octopus Day (Octopus coloring pages)

9th: Uganda Independence Day (coming soon)

10th: National Cake Decorating Day (cake coloring pages)

11th: National Stop Bullying Day (bullying coloring pages)

12th: Harry Potter Book Day (Harry Potter Coloring Pages)

13th: Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day (awareness ribbon coloring pages)

14th: National Chess Day (chess coloring pages)

15th: National Mushroom Day (Fungi Coloring Pages)

16th: Global Cat Day (cat coloring pages)

17th: Farmers Day (Farm animal coloring pages)

18th: National Chocolate Cupcake Day (cupcake coloring pages)

19th: National Kentucky Day (Kentucky coloring pages)

20th: National Lane Day (Lane coloring page)

21st: American Frog Day (frog coloring pages)

22nd: National Make a Dog’s Day (dog coloring pages)

23rd: (coming soon!)

24th: National Elizabeth Day (Elizabeth coloring page)

25th: National Danielle Day (Danielle coloring page)

26th: National Cake Day (cake coloring pages)

27th: Turtle Adoption Day (turtle coloring pages)

28th: Red Planet Day (Planets Coloring Pages)

29th: National Lemon Cream Pie Day (pie coloring pages)

30th: National Mississippi Day (Mississippi Coloring Pages)

31st: Halloween (Halloween coloring pages)


October Classic-Style Coloring Page

This page has October bubble letters filled with doodles to color.

"October" in bubble letters full of doodles to color

Print the October coloring page classic style HERE

Get any name as a Classic-style name coloring page like the page above


October Flower-Style Coloring Page

This page has October bubble letters filled with flowers

october coloring page bubble letters with flowers

Print the October coloring sheet flower style HERE

Get any name as a Flower-style name coloring page like the page above


October Coloring Page With Cranberries

The simplest of my October pages, just the colorable name of my favorite month with some very simple cranberry drawings above.

october coloring page "October" bubble letters, blank inside, cranberries drawn above the word

October With Cozy Items Coloring Page

I don’t knit, but for some reason I think of knitting when I think of cozy thing to do in October!

october color page with umbrella, owl, jam, and other autumn elements

October With Bookshelf Coloring Page

october coloring sheet with october books on bookshelf

October Halloween-Style Coloring Page

This page has October bubble letters filled with Halloween elements.

october color page bubble letter october with halloween drawings inside

Print the October coloring page with Halloween elements HERE

Get any name as a Halloween-style name coloring page like the October page above


October Pumpkin Coloring Page

october coloring page with "october" written across a pumpkin

October Three Pumpkins Coloring Page

october coloring page with 3 pumpkins

October Vegetables Coloring Page

Not just a bunch of vegetables in this page, but also some soup! I can only assume the soup has veggies in addition to the noodles, but that’s really up to you! The only rule I have about using my pages is, Personal Use Only please - but color them and imagine them however you’d love

october coloring page with vegetables and a bowl of soup

October Coloring Page With Footballs

october coloring page with "october" in colorable script surrounded by football images

October Fruit Coloring Page

october coloring page with fruit

October Word Search Coloring Page

october word search with coloring image

October Short Story Coloring Page

october printable activity, a story prompt, fill-in-the-blank about october

October Facts Coloring Sheet

facts about october printable

October Favorite Things Coloring Page

october writing prompt activity, favorite things about october with coloring images

October Halloween Rhyming Coloring Page

october coloring page with invitation to color rhyming items, witch hat, candle, witch foot, lollipop candle, pumpkin, ghost

“C is for Cat” Coloring Printable

c is for candy october coloring page

H is for Hogwarts Coloring Page

October is definitely a great time to re-read or re-watch the Harry Potter series. I definitely love to cozy up and watch or read or listen in the cooler fall months. I have a collection of tons of Harry Potter coloring pages you might love.

october coloring page with hogwarts train

P is for Pumpkin Coloring Page

october coloring page with big simple pumpkin drawing

U is for Umbrella Coloring Page

october coloring page with umbrella

Print the coloring page with umbrella HERE

October makes me think of rain and umbrellas, but maybe that’s just because I grew up in the Seattle area.


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