Free Coloring Pages For Girls

A whole bunch of cute coloring pages that girls will love.

Of course, I think all humans will love whichever of my pages they are drawn too, so basically this is a compilation of pages I think you might be looking for if you are out here looking specifically for coloring pages for girls.

Coloring pages have always been a popular activity for children, especially for girls.

Below you’ll find a wide variety of pages that cater to girls of different ages and interests. Plus they’re all completely free to print and color from Stevie Doodles!

collage of coloring page for girls

These pages not only provide entertainment, but also help to encourage creativity and imagination, promote relaxation and reduce stress.

Coloring pages offer a fun and engaging way for girls to express themselves through art and color.


Free Gnome Coloring Pages

Who doesn’t love gnomes? They’re adorable and I think all the girls will love these pages


Free Heart Coloring Pages

Hearts! This one’s for all the girls and other humans who love to color hearts. It’s my newest addition to my coloring pages for girls collection.

Hearts are a classic symbol of love. I remember a lot of girls, especially in middle school, using hearts to dot their “i”s! And I have a tone of fun drawing hearts and adding them to other drawings in my 1000’s of free coloring pages here at Stevie Doodles

Hope you love my free heart coloring pages!

Check out my heart coloring pages and find the perfect one for your favorite girls to color


Free Unicorn Coloring Pages for girls

So many little girls love unicorns, so I had to include these beauties. FYI I plan to make the unicorn collection a whole lot bigger!

Unicorns are fun and whimsical and part of so munch imaginative play for kids. I definitely think these unicorns will be loved by any unicorn-loving girl out there.

Use them in your unicorn party, or color them and frame them to create a unique art piece in a unicorn-themed room.

You can see all of my free unicorn coloring pages here


Mermaid Coloring Pages For Girls

Print free mermaid coloring pages

Cages about mermaids are an awesome way for young girls to unleash their creativity and imagination.These pages come in a variety of designs and complexity levels, because I draw them all and what I draw depends on my mood! They are perfect for kids of all ages.

Having a mermaid party? Decorating a mermaid room? I bet you can find the perfect way to incorporate these mermaid coloring pages for girls into your plans!

You can find all of my mermaid coloring pages for your coloring-loving girls


Dragonfly Coloring Pages For Girls

Dragonfly coloring pages are a fun and creative way to explore the intricate world of dragonflies and their unique coloring variations. With its delicate wings and striking colors, a dragonfly coloring page is sure to capture your imagination and inspire artistic expression.

Keep scrolling for more cute coloring pages for girls or click the image below to print some dragonflies.

Find all 25+ of my fun free dragonfly coloring pages here


Butterfly Coloring Pages for girls

Butterflies are fascinating creatures that undergo a miraculous transformation from a tiny egg to a delicate and colorful adult butterfly. They are known for their beautiful wings that come in various patterns and colors, making them a favorite subject among artists.

I think you’ll love coloring these butterfly pages!


Flamingo Coloring Pages for Girls

Flamingos are known for their vibrant pink feathers, which are actually caused by their diet of brine shrimp and blue-green algae. These majestic birds are also social creatures, often gathering and nesting in large flocks.

And also . . . they are very fun to draw. I’ve made you these fun and free simple flamingo coloring pages.

Flamingo lover? Find all of my free flamingo coloring pages here


Horse Coloring Pages for girls

Girls and horses have an undeniable connection that transcends time and culture. Riding a horse can be a source of joy, empowerment, and a way to build a bond with these magnificent animals. That’s why I was pretty sure I needed to include horses in this collection of coloring pages for girls.


Octopus Coloring Pages for girls

Octopuses are awesome! Their large intelligent eyes and playful personalities make them one of the most endearing creatures of the ocean.

Free Cupcake Coloring Pages for girls

Cupcakes are pretty and sweet and lovable. Do you know any girls who would love to color some fun and cute cupcake pages? I got them covered here - almost 50 pages to choose from!


Free Ladybug Coloring Pages for girls

Awwww . . . ladybugs! If any girls out there would love to color some ladybugs, they are in the right place.

Use your favorite colored pencils or markers to color in the ladybugs and the surrounding environment, which can help improve artistic skills and color recognition. Plus, ladybugs are believed to symbolize good luck, making these coloring sheets a fun and meaningful way to spend an afternoon with your child.


Free Rainbow Coloring Pages for girls

This girl loves looking for rainbows and trying to get a great picture of them!

Rainbow coloring pages are a popular choice for girls of all ages. From rainbows and unicorns to cute animals and flowers, rainbow coloring pages come in a wide variety of designs and themes that are sure to delight any girl. Whether you're looking for a fun activity to do on a rainy day or a way to unwind and de-stress after a long day, these coloring pages for girls are here for you, totally free from Stevie Doodles.


Free Friendship Coloring Pages for girls

Girls often share unique and meaningful bonds with their best friends, confiding in each other with unwavering trust and support throughout their lives. These cherished friendships can span years or even a lifetime, providing essential love and companionship to weather life's storms.

I made these best friend coloring pages for every girl who wants to celebrate their best friend!


Cats! Coloring Pages About Cats for girls

My coloring pages feature adorable felines in all shapes and sizes, just waiting for your little one to bring them to life with her own unique creativity. The detailed designs are perfect for girls who love to add their own personal touch to everything they do.


Dog Coloring Pages for girls

Find my collection of free dog coloring pages girls will love to print and color over and over! Print out as many as you’d like as often as you’d like. Personal use only please!

Find your favorite Dog coloring pages here


Free Wedding Coloring Pages for girls


Free Flower Coloring Pages for girls

This is my collection of free flowers coloring pages and it definitely belongs here in the coloring for girls collection.

Girl Scout Cookie Map Printable

I had this request from some girl scout friends and it was so fun to make! Tell your girl scout friends about this free page.

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