Free Mouse Coloring Pages

Welcome to Stevie Doodles! Please enjoy my collection of mouse coloring pages. Print and color these as often as you’d love for your own personal use.

To print each mouse page, use the button below the image and print away!

These mice are all pretty cute (I think so anyway) and all drawn by me. I had to include a lot of cheese because mice and cheese just kind of go together.
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collage of cute mouse coloring pages

Mouse Plays Cello Coloring Page

This little mouse is playing the cello on a cheese stage. Lots to color in this one, including some simple musical notes.

mouse coloring page, mouse playing cello on top of  block of cheese

Blue Grass Band of Mice Coloring Sheet

This page has a lot going on! A whole blue grass band of mice is jamming out with a block of cheese for a stage and some slices of swiss as a backdrop.

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blue grass band of mice coloring page, slices of swiss cheese in the background

Mouse Plays Cheese Grater Color Page

This adorable little mouse is playing a cheese grater with a spoon on a cheddar stage - I hope someone will love to color this cutie.

mouse color sheet with mouse playing a cheese grater with a spoon on top of a block of cheese

Mouse Plays Mandolin Coloring Page

This little mouse has a mandolin and above him is a record with some musical notes to color too.

mouse coloring page, mouse playing mandolin, record, music notes

Mouse Holding Cheese Coloring Printable

What do cute mice hold in their hands?? Cheese!


Mouse Holds Cupcake Coloring Page

It’s a unicorn mouse! Love mice? Love unicorns? Love cupcakes? This simple, cute little page has it all.


Flower-Holding Mouse Coloring Page

An adorable simple little mouse holding flowers


Mouse Holds Gift Color Sheet

And this time the cute little simple mouse is holding a gift


Guitar Mouse Color Page

This musical mouse is playing guitar!


Mouse Holds Lemonade Coloring Page

A simple little mouse holding a refreshing glass of lemonade


Violin Playing Mouse Coloring Page

Some musical notes surround this violin playing mouse


Wizard Mouse Coloring Sheet

This little guy has a scar and some glasses and a wand - I think somebody out there who loves mice and wizards is going to love it! I need to color this one ASA because he is just so dang cute.


Accio Cheese Mouse Coloring Page

mouse coloring page, mouse has glasses and wand and Harry Potter scar. Text reads "Accio cheese!"

4 Doodle Mice Coloring Page

mice coloring page with 4 mice outlines filled with little doodles to color

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Free Cat Coloring Pages

Print cat coloring page printables free from Stevie Doodles. Here you will find all of my pages with cats! I’ll add new cat pages to this post whenever I make them. I apologize for how long this one has taken me.

A post full of free cats to print and color is long, long overdue.

Domesticated cats are silly creatures and make great stars in funny videos ;) They also make great coloring pages.

Are you using these pages while you learn about cat? I have a few interesting facts for you!

1. Cats have a remarkable ability to rotate their ears independently up to 180 degrees, allowing them to accurately pinpoint the location of sounds.
2. Contrary to popular belief, cats are not completely colorblind - while they may not see the same vibrant range of colors humans do, they can distinguish between certain hues, particularly in the blue and green spectrum.
3. Cats have a specialized collarbone, called the "clavicle," which is unique among mammals and allows them the flexibility to squeeze through tight spaces and always land on their feet.

Okay that was fun, but now onto the cats! Use the button below the cat you want to color and print away. Hope you love them.

collage of cat coloring pages

Space Cat Coloring Page

This cat is ready for takeoff. NASA called and she answered, ready to head to space in her weirdly human-shaped astronaut suit. It felt right when I was drawing it. I hope you love this one!

cat coloring page with cat in astronaut suit that says "space kitty" on its chest

Rainbow + Heart + Cat Coloring Page

A very simple page for little hands who love cats.

rainbow with heart at one end and cat at the other coloring page

Mouse + Heart + Cat Coloring Sheet

A cat and a mouse together under a rainbow in this free page. Use the button below the image to print.

rainbow with mouse and cat in front of it coloring page

Rainbow + Star + Cat Coloring Printable

cat coloring page with star and rainbow

Triplets Cat Color Page

3 cats, one angry, one happy, one sleepy in this page. Use the button below the image to print.


3 Doodle Cats Coloring Page

cat coloring page with 3 cat outines filled with simple doodles to color

4 Kitties Cat Coloring Sheet

4 different, very simple and cute, cat faces in this free page.

4 simple faces of cats coloring page

4 More Cats Color Printable

Another 4 cute faces in this page below.

cat coloring page with 4 simple cat faces

4 Doodle Cats Color Printable

4 drawings of walking cats filled with different doodles to color

Kitty Gang Cat Coloring Page

line of simple cats coloring page

Cat in a Bowtie

a simple cat in a bowtie drawing

Cat in Cat Coloring Sheet

"cat" in bubble letters with a curled up cat in the "a" and flowers in the "c" and "t"


colorable text "cats" surrounded by a bunch of faces of cats coloring page

James Herriot Cat Quote Coloring Page

“Cats are connoisseurs of comfort” - James Herrington

cat quote surrounded by cat faces on a coloring page

Draw Your Own Cat Coloring Printable

a cat outline x 3 for colorers to draw in their own cat details

Ernest Hemingway Cat Quote Coloring Sheet

“One cat just leads to another.” Ernest Hemingway

2 simple cats coloring page with Hemingway quote about cats

A Bunch of Sleepy Kitties Coloring Page

7 sleeping kitties on a cat coloring page

Terry Pratchet Quote Cat Coloring Page

“In ancient times, cats were worshipped as gods. They have not forgotten this.” - Terry Pratchet

one cat outline filled with doodles and a Terry Pratchet quote about cats coloring page

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Free Dog Coloring Pages

Free dog coloring page printables from Stevie Doodles

Find all of my free dogs here. When you find the dog you’d love to color, use the button below the image to print and color it totally free.

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2 dog coloring pages on a yellow background

Golden Doodle With Flowers


Golden Doodle With Rainbow & Quote


Thank You Cards - Dog Coloring Image


Snug As A Pug In A Rug - Dog Coloring Page


Dogs Are Favorite


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